Step Brother

Madisyn Hall. Age 16. Lives with single dad, Evan and 15 year old brother Ryder but her life's going to change forever.
When her dad meets and falls in love with the most popular boy in school, Luke Camden's, mom her life is turned upside down.
When Victoria and Luke move in, the awkwardness of being step siblings really kicks in, the most awkward thing of all being Madisyn having liked Luke for almost 4 years and not telling anyone. How will Madisyn manage living with the boy she's loved for years? Will it be good or bad being step siblings?


9. Algonac After Dark

Madisyn pulled on some extra warm clothes and stuck her hair in a bun before heading out to Luke's car. "You ready sis?" Luke asked as Madisyn climbed into the back alone. "I guess, I don't usually go to Algonac in winter or ever for that matter." She answered. "We've never been to Algonac before because dad's obviously not up for it." Ryder explained. "Yea well I head out their all the time if I'm stressed out or annoyed at mom and Cate. When I go sit around there, nothing matters anymore." Luke said. "Your getting deep there!" Ryder laughed. 

As they arrived and sat by the frozen Algonac lake, Luke asked "So whats you guys story?" "Mom left when Ryder was only a few months old, she hasn't even contacted us ever." Madisyn answered. "Your mom really left you guys when you were so young!" Luke said looking so surprised. "Yea, dad said she wasn't ready for the responsibility of caring for two young kids." Ryder said. "Sounds like my dad." Luke said. "Weren't you five though?" Madisyn asked. "Yea, but it was awful seeing mom cry all the time and not care about anything. Like when Cate's dad left when she was a few months old, she didn't care what I got up to so let's just say I did some bad stuff back then." Luke explained. "Like what?" Madisyn asked, probably knowing most of it. "Smoking, drinking, smoking marijuana as well as cigarettes, loosing my v card at 12, 13 years old can't really remember, bringing back a load of girls even though I had a girlfriend. Its all those things that made me more popular." Luke said, running his hand through his hair. "We weren't really that bad. We've had our rebellious moments but later on in life." Ryder explained. "What did you guys get up to?" Luke asked almost laughing. "Well I caught Madisyn and Aidan Jackson at it, we did MDMA and marijuana together with my girlfriend Chelsea last year or so...." Ryder said. "I've caught him smoking with his mates, having sex with Chelsea, drinking until he passed out and violently vommed. We might look innocent but we've done more than anyone in our school would think." Madisyn said, interuppting her brother. "So you actually understand what its like to be out of your mind on recreational drugs, you know what it' when your violently being sick over and over after drinking, you know what its like for your parent being so worried about what your up to. Its nice to know that someone knows what things like this are like." Luke said. "Well its been nice chatting but we should get back before dad and Victoria think were doing weed together!" Madisyn joked, climbing back in Luke's car to go home. Madisyn and Ryder hadnt told a soul about from close friends about the whole thing with them doing drugs so it was nice to finally know someone could relate to them for other reasons as well as that. 

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