House Of Perverts!

9 guys 1 girl.
How bad could it be?
Especially when they are all perverts!
It's gonna be so hard for Autumn.


9. 8

I've been going to events and I've been happy with Luke. We have been dating for about 5 months now. He's the best boyfriend I've ever had or even imagined. Of course we still have constant sex but as long as he's happy and I'm not pregnant then I say What the hell go ape shit!

I was in my room while the 5sos boys went to an interview, including Luke 😭 :(, and all the one direction guys were at a photoshoots. Except for Harry but Harry's been avoiding me which I LOVE! He's a total duchebag and I'm pretty sure those nudes he took of me about 9 months ago are probably still on his phone. I was just checking my twitter when Harry walking in my room. He had rope and ducktape in his hand. Oh no......

He tied my to the bed and ducktaped my mouth shut. I was crying as he undressed me. He took his phone out. My eyes widened.

I need some more recent nudes of u baby. Did ur breasts and bum get bigger? Harry asked.

He laughed and I cried as he took more nudes. He took them of every angle he could possibly get of my body. He even started undress himself to where we were both naked against each other. He quickly grabbed a condom, put it on, and lined himself up with my entrance. He started to record as he thrusted into me. He kept thrusting so fast that I couldn't adjust. I haven't had sex with Harry in 5 months and I feel like hell. He either got bigger or I got smaller. It was terrible pain as he recorded the whole thing. He finally stopped recording and pulled out of me.

Here is the deal, slut. Every Tuesday and Friday the 5sos guys go to the gym for a whole and then hangs with the guys for about 4 hours. You & I are gonna start having sex on those days got it? Consider yourself my sex slave while you date Luke. Also, You can't tell anyone or I will ruin Luke's career and I will take u to my beach house in Malibu and u will be my sex slave EVERY DAY. So just enjoy the pleasure I'll give you got it! Harry said.

I nodded unwillingly. Harry took his phone out and took more nudes making me feel extra insecure about my body. He thrusted into me and recorded us again. He ripped off my ducktape so that this time he was making sure I was able to scream. He thrusted till I was bleeding. I couldn't help but scream louder. He flipped me over and started fucking me from the back. I laid there and cried while he thrusted harder as he spanked me. He was laughing just seeing me in pain. Harry pulled out and dressed me. He untied me and he threw me my phone as Luke came in the room.

You ok baby? Luke asked.

I'm just fine. I lied with a fake smile.

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