House Of Perverts!

9 guys 1 girl. How bad could it be? Oh ya SUPER BAD! Especially when they are all perverts! It's gonna be so hard for Autumn.


6. 6

I woke up next to Luke and Ashton. I got dressed and put my hair in a ponytail. I suddenly felt sick and ran to the bathroom. I felt someone hug me (Ashton) and someone pull my hair back (Luke).

Do you have a bug? Ashton asked.

Are you still hungover? Luke said.

Did you guys use a condom? I asked.

I did! Ashton said.

Ummmmm. Luke said.

Luke! Ashton and I yelled.

I don't remember! I was drunk! Luke said.

Ashton left and came back with a pregnancy test. I used and was waiting for the results. I was crying on Luke. I just couldn't stop.

Luke I can't be a mum! I cried.

Hey baby. There only a 50/50 chance your pregnant. Even if you are you have me to help you. Luke said

I kept crying when Luke checked the test. He looked like he was gonna puke....,,,,


I ran and kissed him. He laid me in the bed and started to bang me. And yes with a condom. He whispered something in my ear I thought never thought I'd ever hear a famous guy say to me.

I Love You Autumn Lightwood. Luke said.

I Love You Luke Hemmings. I said.

I went to my room and took a shower. I came out to get dressed and saw Harry sitting on my bed. He threw me on the bed and lifted my hands above my head with one hand and ripped my towel off my naked body with the other. He grabbed his phone and took nudes of me. I was so uncomfortable and it made me feel insecure. He took a lot of my crotch and breasts. He put his phone away. He grabbed something out of his back pocket. It was a piece of paper. He slipped it in my mouth and kissed my forehead. He walked out of the room and left. I took the paper out and read it.

Sex days and who to have sex with.










Wed-Threesome with your choice of boys

Thur-Your choice of sex

Fri-Day off

Sat-Your choice of sex

Sun-Day off

Start over.

I can't do this! I'll get pregnant so fast! I can't believe this! I don't wanna have sex with all of them. Also, I have a problem.

I think I really am in love with Luke Hemmings. ❤️

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