House Of Perverts!

9 guys 1 girl.
How bad could it be?
Especially when they are all perverts!
It's gonna be so hard for Autumn.


5. 5

I was laying there when finally Louis and Michael came in. Louis had a ruler and a knife and Michael had some clothes.

Get changed in this Michael said putting it in the bathroom.

Also, don't think about running away because I will stab u if u try. Louis said in a scary voice.

I walked into he bathroom and put the dress on. It was black and seethrough roses. It was barely covering any of my bum. It was covering barely any of my breasts. I was putting my makeup on. I came out and saw Louis and Michael both in boxers with condoms in their hands. I was scared as hey grabbed me and stated kissing me. Michael kissed my neck as Louis kissed my lips. They then switched places and Michael kissed my lips as Louis kissed my lips. They did the same thing Calum and Zayn did. They screwed me at the same time twice. Louis even spanked me with the ruler. It actually kinda turned me on. When they were finally done they dressed me again and let me leave the room. I saw Luke crying. I came over and kissed him. Luke kissed back and I tasted his salty tears.

Baby what's wrong? I asked.

Harry, Zayn, Calum, Louis, and Michael told me they raped you. Luke said crying.

Baby look I want you. Now are you gonna complain or kiss me? I asked.

He kissed me and we all walked to play I've never. When we were done I was SUPER drunk. I couldn't even walk. I felt someone pick me up. I saw Ashton kissing my neck. Ashton threw me on the bed and started to undress me. I couldn't help but giggle. He started to fuck me until Luke came in . Ashton got up and whispered something in Luke's ear. Luke got on top and Ashton went behind me. Without warning, they both slammed into me. They fucked me so hard. I cuddled with both of them as I fell asleep wondering.

What did I just do?

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