House Of Perverts!

9 guys 1 girl.
How bad could it be?
Especially when they are all perverts!
It's gonna be so hard for Autumn.


3. 3

I was waiting for Harry to do something but instead he just stared at me.

Let's take a shower together. Harry said.

Umm. I said nervous.

Come one you had sex with Luke yesterday plz! Harry pleaded.

Fine make it quick I said.

I quickly walked in the bathroom and quickly started to remove my clothes. I turned the hot water on and got in the shower waiting for Harry. Soon, Harry came in with a condom in his hand and I got scared. I was really sore from last night with Luke. I was scared Harry would go harder on me if I told him. Harry threw me against the wall and started kissing me. He tried to French kiss me but I wouldn't let him. He spanked me again and I gasped as he snuck his tongue in my mouth. That bastard! He picked me up, turned the shower off, and threw me on the bed. I was scared when I saw him putting the condom on. I prayed he was gonna be soft and gentle like Luke. I was dead wrong. He slammed into me hard. It hurt like hell. He kept hitting my g-spot hard. I couldn't feel my legs by the time he was done. He only had 7 words left to say.

That's how a real man has sex said Hary

Hey guys it's Gaby. If you like this story read my other 2 stories. 'Bad Boyz' and 'I Hate You'. Love y'all!


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