House Of Perverts!

9 guys 1 girl.
How bad could it be?
Especially when they are all perverts!
It's gonna be so hard for Autumn.


1. 1

Hi I'm Autumn Lightwood.

I'm 18 I have red hair and I'm an orphan. My parents died when I was 3. I just graduated high school. I was called on up to the front so I made sure I looked nice and ran downstairs. I saw Luke Hemmings from 5sos standing there.

Your Luke from 5sos I said.

Ya and you must be the beautiful lovely Autumn Lightwood. Luke said.

Yes I am why? I asked.

I adopted you. Luke said.

So what your my dad? I asked.

No but you do need to come and love with me and my mates. Luke said.

I giggled and got in the car. He sat down in the drivers seat and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I blushed a little and giggled more. He smirked and drove to a house on the beach. There, on the porch, I saw 8 of the hottest popstars/poprock guys ever!

Harry Styles

Calum Hood

Louis Tomlinson

Michael Clifford

Zayn Malik

Ashton Irwin

Liam Payne

Niall Horan

Of course there was Luke but I already met him. I stood there just shocked.

You must be Autumn. Harry said as he kissed my hand.

You must know who we are love. Louis said as he hugged me.

Your 1 direction and 5sos! I giggled.

You got a good one Luke I'll give you that she's happy, perky, and sexy! Calum said as he kissed my other hand.

You are here because we want you to live with us and do what we want you to do for us. Zayn said in a mysterious voice.

Guys maybe we should explain more tomorrow Luke said taking me by my waist.

So you adopted me for what? I asked

Just for you know kissing,hugging, stripping, sex just simple things. Ashton said.

Plus you have to live with us because we or technically Luke adopted you so u are forced to live here Liam said.

So I'm basically your girl toy? I asked.

Yep! Michael said.

Pretty much. Niall said.

Luke grabbed my hand tighter and dragged me somewhere. I saw him pull me in a room and lock the door. I was so scared that he was gonna rape me.

Luke please don't rape me! I'm a virgin and I don't want my first time to be rape! I said scared.

Autumn I'm not gonna rape you. I'm actually offended that you'd say that. I had to tell you that you also have to go to our public appearances because I need a girlfriend and you are a girl so ya you get the point. Luke said as he played with his shoelaces.

I'm fine with that and why do you look so sad? I asked.

I know you don't want your first time to be rape and your most likely gonna get raped by Harry, Zayn, or Calum. Luke said sadly.

Luke? I asked nervous about what I was gonna ask him.

Yes? Luke asked still messing with his shoelaces.

Will u be my first? I asked.

He looked up at me.

Are you serious? Luke asked.

Yes please? I'd rather have it with you now than those perverts later. I said.

Luke immediately jumped on me and started kissing me. I felt butterflies and fireworks in my stomach. It was the best feeling I've ever had with a guy. He started to take off my dress as I took his shirt off. I slid his jeans down as he grabbed a condom out of his drawer. He unbuckled my bra and slid my panties down. He pulled his boxers down and put the condom on his length. He carefully slipped into me. I moaned lightly. He started to slowly moving in and out if me. I started screaming his name.


It felt so good and I never wanted him to stop. He finally stopped and slipped out of me.

Holy Hell! That was the best sex I've ever had! Luke said.

I giggled and blushed.

He kissed me again and I realized that his 'friend' was probably tired from all that thrusting. I flipped us so I was on top of him and I slid down and stopped right at his crotch. I looked up with love in my eyes.

Babe I don't wanna push you too far. Luke said still panting from earlier.

I want to babe. Plus you deserve it. I said.

I then grabbed his length with my hand and started pumping. He let out a moan of satisfaction as he ran his fingers through my hair. He groaned as I licked and sucked on his length. I kept sucking until I felt a warm liquid in my mouth. I swallowed it. And Luke picked me up and cuddled me in my chest.

I take back what I said your probably the best sex anyone will ever have in the history of sex Luke said as I blushed.

He cuddled me for the rest of the night. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought.

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