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Malfoy get Jealous of Ron and gives Mia a love spell that makes her love him!


1. Ron and Hermione

Ron and Mia are walking in the snow. Hi! Hi Malfoy what do you want? I want Mione. No Stay away from my girlfriend! Try to stop me Weasly! Harry help now! Stulifey! Ouch! Expellimus! Heart raise! Ouch! Mia are you ok? Get off me Ron! Hi Draco! Hi Mia! I love you Draco! I love you too Mia! How dare you take my girlfriend from me! She's my girlfriend now! Avra! No stop don't kill them! Ok I won't bebe. You got away with it this time. Hi Dray! What is she doing here? Nothing. Heart raise! Ouch! How dare you take pansy from me! Thats pay back Malfoy! Oh I love you Ron!

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