My best friend Harry Styles

your mom new harry's mom anne and she brought harry with her one day while they talked you two were 3 he was 4 and your mom said "time for lunch" you looked at harry you were playing princess you said "well your the prince you cant just walk away" "well i guess should we kiss" "yes thats how every fairytale end" you kissed him and ran to the kitchen to eat a sandwitch


6. the cabin

about 4 ab=nd  half hours you arived at the cabbin.  you all got out. " y/n we think you should go in" "but we dont speak and are teibly mad at each other" "listen please he hasnt been showing up for interview and very seldum does he come to the gigs" "fine louis". After debatimg you walked in to the cabin. The boys waiting by the veical. It was a complete mess tables fliped over or in two, cofee tables shatered,doors torn off the cabnits. You made your way upstairs to find a bedroom with harry inside. Laying on the bed crying with his eyes closed. " harry " you said shocked. " y/n oh y/n im so sorry " he said crying into his hands. You walked over and sat on the bed and harry burried his face on your shoulders. " y/n forgive me " you took his hand seeing wrightng on his wrist. " hazza whats this" you read it. It said im stupid im dumb i should have neve hurt y/n oh god i hope one day she will talk to me agin. " hazza please no you are not any of those things you are sweet caring and smart and emotinal and really good looking"

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