My best friend Harry Styles

your mom new harry's mom anne and she brought harry with her one day while they talked you two were 3 he was 4 and your mom said "time for lunch" you looked at harry you were playing princess you said "well your the prince you cant just walk away" "well i guess should we kiss" "yes thats how every fairytale end" you kissed him and ran to the kitchen to eat a sandwitch


4. niall house

you unpacked your bags and he gave you a room. As you were puting everything in place you found a pome harry rote to you on valentines day. It read ( once upon a time there was thy perfect girl her name y/n her name as perfect as a straight line friends forever sience that one night the time we met love harry) it also had a note with it that read we will always be friends. Ya bullcrap thats a big lie you said to yourself. you broke the glass picture frame. Niall came in and saw you crying clear tears streaming down your face like a flash flood. " y/n i am sorry just cry in my arms air your thoughts i shall not judge you" "thank you so much niall for being so kind to me" you said still crying. about 15 days later niall took you to the mall. You desided for some reson you were going to get a dress some earings and makeup an djust run around all day and waste money tomorow by yourself just alone time.  Niall picked out dress and makeup for you and yu aproved. Niall was good at knowing your taste i fshion. He got you black short dress with sparkles. FOr makeup he got you red eyeshadow big lash mascara and cherry pink redish lipstick. You wanted to go shoping the only thing you are doing tomorow is going to an interview on ellen. The day came you got dressed and niall tried to talk you out of wearing makeup. He said you looked amazing already. at 10;00 am you and niall got in the car and drove to ellen you go tout and walked inside you sat on the couch with the boys an ellen in a small chair across from you.

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