My best friend Harry Styles

your mom new harry's mom anne and she brought harry with her one day while they talked you two were 3 he was 4 and your mom said "time for lunch" you looked at harry you were playing princess you said "well your the prince you cant just walk away" "well i guess should we kiss" "yes thats how every fairytale end" you kissed him and ran to the kitchen to eat a sandwitch


2. fight

you sat down. it was the eleventh turn and liam asked harry truth or dare. "truth" harry said. "do you love love y/n". THe room grew silent. Everyone looked from you to harry and reppeted. After 4 minuits of complete silents harry responded. "No I do not". Everyone looked at you. Tears were forming in your eyes. " parden me i half to go to the bathroom" you said as you walked in to the bathroom. The tears fell down your face how could he not love you. He just said we could never date. You never loved loved him. But it really hurt you when he said no. You wiped away your tears and walked out. "im back harry i dont work tommorow" he did not repond everyone else walked into the kitchen it was just you and him. "dont play like that" "play like what im fine hazza" "no your not" "yes harry there is no harm done" "i hurt you i heard you eaping in the bathroom" "thats over now harry i know the truth" "i hurt you" 

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