My best friend Harry Styles

your mom new harry's mom anne and she brought harry with her one day while they talked you two were 3 he was 4 and your mom said "time for lunch" you looked at harry you were playing princess you said "well your the prince you cant just walk away" "well i guess should we kiss" "yes thats how every fairytale end" you kissed him and ran to the kitchen to eat a sandwitch


3. fight continuied

it was the next day you woke up, got dressed did your hair and makeup and walked downstairs to eat. " hey harry how are you" he did not respond. " harry drop this kiddish fight just stop" " y/n i hurt you you cant forgive me i am not talking to you agin or i will hurt you agin we are not friends from this point on im sorry i really am". You started crying as you ran out to the back pourch. about 8 minuits later niall came out. " i am really sorry love" "niall we have been friends forever he said we cant be friends for crying out loud this is like 3rd grade drama all over agin" " y/n im here for you he said tell you to get your stuff and get out im really sorry i can drive ya and you can stay with me for as long as you want" "thank you niall let me get my things from this house i will meet you in the car i cant thank you enoff" "no problem love". You went upstairs and grabed your things said goodbye and you and harry glared at each other as if you were saying your finall goodbye. Niall opened the car door and drove you to the flat. He waited in the car you grabed 4 large suitcasses and put everything that was yours in it and walked back out. "let me put these in the trunk i really am sorry all us boys can be rude sometimes" "thank you niall i rather not talk about it. 

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