My best friend Harry Styles

your mom new harry's mom anne and she brought harry with her one day while they talked you two were 3 he was 4 and your mom said "time for lunch" you looked at harry you were playing princess you said "well your the prince you cant just walk away" "well i guess should we kiss" "yes thats how every fairytale end" you kissed him and ran to the kitchen to eat a sandwitch


5. ellen

the interview started it was almost over and ellen asked a queston. "how come harry has not been with you for the past 5 month interviews he has only been goin to the concerts sometimes" liam and the boys said " well we actally dont know where he has been dissipering to y/n might know". it made you uncomfturbole awsweering a queshtion about harry. "actually ellen i dont know exactually were he is we hadint been getting along lately if i find where he is i will tell you" "ok then goodbye see ya next time" she said as you and the boys were walking off into the backstage. " guys ive seen all of you more then twice a week you never told me hazza has not beehn showing up" "well do you happen to know any places only you and him had been" zayn said. " yes one time harry took me to a beautiful cabin by the lake" " he could be there take us" liam and louis scream. You took the boys there.

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