I Hate You

Ariana hates Harry.
Harry hates Ariana.
Louis is Ariana's best mate.
Louis is Harry's best mate.
Ariana starts to develop feelings for Harry.
Harry secretly has loved Ariana since he met him.
Will they fall in love?
Or will they still hate each other?


7. 7

I was in my room when Harry walked in with a bag. I was kinda nervous to see what Harry out in there. I saw him pull out these items.

1)Whipped cream




5)Chocolate syrup

I giggled as he picked me up and kissed me. He cuddled me in his arms as his hands roamed my body. I didn't know why he was doing it but it felt good as his hands moved to my bum and he squeezed and spanked me. His hands went to my breasts and he squeezed. His hand was on hip while the other rubbed circles on my crotch. He kissed he and handcuffed me to the bed. He flipped me over and pulled down my skirt. I was in my panties as he spanked me with the ruler. He flipped me over so I was facing him again. He stripped me naked and pulled the rest of the stuff out. He shook the whipped cream and sprayed it on my breasts and crotch. He pouted the chocolate syrup all over my crotch so it was completely chocolaty and then put a little on each of my breasts. He grabbed a strawberry and dipped it on my breast. He took a bite and he looked happy. I giggled at the sight off his face. He dipped another one and made me try it. It wasn't half bad actually. He used up all the strawberries and my breasts were clean. Well.....somewhat clean. He then brought his face down to my crotch and started kissing, sucking, and licking my crotch. I was moaning uncontrollably. He then realized he made me super horny. He stripped down and put a condom on. He slammed into me and started thrusting. He could tell I wanted more so he grabbed my hips for more force. He didn't let me adjust but I don't care. I just wanted him inside me and fucking me hard. He slowly pulled out and Unhandcuffed me. He cuddled me close as he pulled out his phone.

What's left on our list? I said as I rubbed Harry's chest and sat in his lap making him groan.

Umm. We have numbers. 2,8,9, & 10. 2) Go skinny dipping in the dark 8) Write and sing a duet 9) Get married 10) Have kids, start a family, and live forever with Ariana Styles! Harry said.

Which do u want next? 2 or 8? I asked.

I wanna do......

To be continued.......

Cliffhanger!!!!!! Wha!!!!!!

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