I Hate You

Ariana hates Harry.
Harry hates Ariana.
Louis is Ariana's best mate.
Louis is Harry's best mate.
Ariana starts to develop feelings for Harry.
Harry secretly has loved Ariana since he met him.
Will they fall in love?
Or will they still hate each other?


6. 6

We were going to the beach. Harry wanted to have beach sex first. I was kinda nervous. What if paparazzi found out? What if the guys found out? What if paparazzi and the guys found out! Oh no! I'm so nervous. Harry was in his trunks and I was in a pink bikini.

I would love to see you out of that bikini. Harry said smiling.

Harry I don't know what of paparazzi found out. I said.

Hey! Look over there by the rocks is where we are gonna have sex ok? Paparazzi waits by the water also Justin Bieber is over there so they will leave us alone for now. Ok? Harry said to calm me down.

We went to the water for a little bit and then we left. We walked towards the rocks and Harry laid me on a rock. He untied my bikini top and put it to the side. He slipped my bottoms down. He pulled his trunks off as put a condom on. He slammed into me making me gasp. He started thrusting harder. It felt so good! Epically since Harry was wet. It felt so good. I was about it moan when Harry covered my mouth.

Paparazzi will hear you Ari. Keep it down. K. Love you. Harry grunted.

He thrusted harder. It was so good. I could barely feel my legs. He brought his face towards my crotch. He started to suck and lick down there. It felt so good that I had to cover my own mouth to stop me from moaning. It was so good that I pushed Harry's mouth deeper. He finally stopped and started thrusting again. God this was amazing! I had so much pleasure running through me. He finally pulled out. We got dressed and we went home. The boys were on the couch.

Dude you guys were at the beach to? We were there earlier. Zayn said.

We left when a couple started to have sex on a rock. Wait a minute.... EWWWW! That was u guys wasn't it! Louis yelled.

Yep it was and it was amazing! Now if you excuse me I have to go buy some stuff for tonight. Later guys. Bye baby. Harry said as he smacked my bum.

So are you doing his list? Louis asked.

How do you guys know about the list? I asked.

We helped Harry write it. Niall said.

Really? I asked kinda nervous.

Yep. Liam said.

Look. Harry loves you. If anything changes and he tries to hurt you, tell us. We will kick his ass, your my best friend I care. Louis said.

Ok! I said as I put makeup on for Harry tonight!

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