I Hate You

Ariana hates Harry.
Harry hates Ariana.
Louis is Ariana's best mate.
Louis is Harry's best mate.
Ariana starts to develop feelings for Harry.
Harry secretly has loved Ariana since he met him.
Will they fall in love?
Or will they still hate each other?


5. 5

I wanted to help Harry finish his list.

I went over the list again while Harry was sleeping.

Things to do to/with Ariana Lockhart❤️

1) Kiss her in the rain

2) Go skinny dipping in the dark with Ari

3) Have sex with Ari

4) Get Ari to be my girlfriend

5) Tell Ari I love her

6) Have sex with her on the beach

7) Have rough kinky sex with her

8) Write and sing a duet with Ari

9) Get married to Ari

10) Have kids, start a family, and live forever with Ariana Styles'

Harry already did #'s 1, 3, and 5 so I have only 7 more left including getting married and having kids with Harry Styles. I woke him up after I read his list again.

What is it Ariana? Harry asked.

I wanna be your girlfriend. I said.

You are my girlfriend. Harry said.

I wanna be your REAL girlfriend. I said.

Why? I really want you to but still, why? Harry asked.

4) Get Ari to be my girlfriend. I said.

Ari you don't have to do my list it's just my fantasies. Harry said.

I want to do all of them. Eventually 9 & 10 but I wanna do the rest now! I said.

Ariana Lockhart, will you be my real girlfriend? Harry said.

I would love to Harry Styles. I said as he kissed me and I fell in love with him again.

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