I Hate You

Ariana hates Harry.
Harry hates Ariana.
Louis is Ariana's best mate.
Louis is Harry's best mate.
Ariana starts to develop feelings for Harry.
Harry secretly has loved Ariana since he met him.
Will they fall in love?
Or will they still hate each other?


4. 4

Do you love me too? Harry said.

Harry I don't know. I've hated you for being a man whore but I feel like I might be in love with you. How do I know I'm not your late night booty call Harry? I asked.

Ariana I've been in love with you since Louis introduced us to each other. I wanted to kiss you so hard forever. I even made a list on my phone of the things I wanted to do with and to you. Look! Harry said as he pulled up notes on his iPhone.

Things to do to/with Ariana Lockhart❤️

1) Kiss her in the rain

2) Go skinny dipping in the dark with Ari

3) Have sex with Ari

4) Get Ari to be my girlfriend

5) Tell Ari I love her

6) Have sex with her on the beach

7) Have rough kinky sex with her

8) Write and sing a duet with Ari

9) Get married to Ari

10) Have kids, start a family, and live forever with Ariana Styles!

I realized he's been in Love with me for 2 long years. I've had 3 boyfriends and I've always been crying on Louis and the guys's shoulders. I cried and kissed him. He kissed back and I heard run going on and I smiled as I pulled away form our kiss.

It's raining. I said.

So? Harry asked.

Do you wanna go kissing in the rain? I asked.

Harry grabbed my hand and dragged me outside. He pulled me in the rain and kissed me hard. His wet curly were falling into his face. He ran his fingers through my wet hair. We heard a snap! We turned and saw a crowd of paparazzi but Harry didn't care. He pulled me close and kissed me more. He started to French kiss me until I pulled away and whispered in his ear the five words he has been waiting to hear me say.

I Love You Harry Styles.

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