I Hate You

Ariana hates Harry.
Harry hates Ariana.
Louis is Ariana's best mate.
Louis is Harry's best mate.
Ariana starts to develop feelings for Harry.
Harry secretly has loved Ariana since he met him.
Will they fall in love?
Or will they still hate each other?


3. 3

I woke up the next day next to Harry, both of us naked. I then remembered everything that happened last night. I had sex with Harry! On no Oh no! This is bad very very bad! Louis is gonna kill me! I slept with his best mate. I tried to move but Harry cuddled me closer to him.

I had fun last night babe. Maybe next time I could get some fuzzy handcuffs and whipped cream and we could get a little kinky. Harry said.

Your such a pig! I said as I tried to get away.

He pulled me towards him and kissed me. He slipped a condom and out if nowhere be slammed into me again! That sneaky bastard! He thrusted harder and harder again until I couldn't feel my legs at all. It hurt badly. But Harry was enjoying himself. He pulled out. He started kissing down my stomach and started kissing my crotch. At first it was light and sweet then he started sucking harder. I couldn't help but scream Harry's name louder and louder each time he sucked. He stopped and started kissing up my stomach and kissed my breasts. He thrusted into me again. It felt so good! Damn! I wanted to tell at Harry. Tell him to go fuck a street who're instead of taking control of my body. But instead I just kept moaning and letting him fuck me harder. He kept doing it for a long while. He made me come 4 times and I was beyond drained of my energy. He finally pulled our of me.

You are amazing! Harry said.

Ya well how long have you been screwing me? I asked.

About 3 hours. Harry said.

3 HOURS! I screamed.

Ya and it was amazing, wasn't it. Harry said as he cuddled me.

I've had better. I lied.

He pulled me ontop of him and spanked me. I gasped and he tongue kissed me.

Your a liar and a bad girl. I like it! Harry said as he kissed me again.

I was worried he was gonna screw me again when we heard someone laughing downstairs. We quickly got dressed and started to wake downstairs. I was in a strapless crop top and a mini skirt that barely covered my bum. Harry was staring at my bum which made me laugh. He wrapped his arm around me when we saw it was the rest of the boys from 1 direction.

How was your sex? Niall asked laughing.

Good thank you! Harry said while I blushed.

We could hear you from across the street! Liam said.


Louis looked sad in the corner. I walked over to him as Harry talked to the other guys.

Louis? Are you ok? I asked.

You had sex with my best mate? Louis asked.

Yes but I didn't plan to! He came over last night and I was taking a shower and he came in and started screwing me! Then, when I woke up he started screwing me again when we woke up! I said.

Did u enjoy it? Louis asked.

I did but- I started.


The boys all looked at us.

You like me? Harry smirked.

Noooo? I lied.

Harry walked over, pulled me close, and kissed my lips.

Don't lie baby, Harry said as he kissed me again.

Get some Harry! Louis laughed.

I felt Harry gently rub my bum and then he did the unthinkable. He spanked me in front if the guys! They guys started laughing and howling. I was so pissed then he grabbed my breasts and squeezed hard. They were howling loud! They wanna play that game. I unzipped my shirt and let it drop to the floor. They all stared at my lacy pink bra. Harry must have known I was playing that game and yanked my skirt down. They guys eyes widened more. Harry threw me on the couch and started to unbuckle his jeans when the guys finally spoke up.

Ok we are going to go now bye! Louis yelled as they all ran out the door.

Harry stopped kissing and looked at my half naked body.

Tell me the truth. Do u like me? Harry asked.

Why would I like you? Just because you have soft pink lips, sexy curly hair, tight skinny jeans, sexy tongue- I started to say as he kissed me.

He picked me up and walked me upstairs. He layed me on the bed and whispered something in my ear. The words I never thought Harry Styles would ever say to any girl, let alone me.

I love you Ariana.

Hey guys it's Gaby! Hope you like the long chapter bye! Love y'all


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