Kidnapped for Power

One Direction are secretly from the planet Hyperlias but Zayn is the only one that knows that. These 5 boys are a part of a very big prophecy. The planet of Hyperlias is in great danger and it is up to these 5 boys to save it. But what happens when they get kidnapped by the group of people that are trying to destroy their planet. The world is in danger if their power is used for evil. Will they escape or will this be the end of life as we know it? find out in Kidnapped for Power. ( This is a Larry and Ziam fanfic)


2. Two

Louis' POV

   I woke up with a massive headache. I looked around and noticed that I was tied to a metal pole. I heard the sound of a door opening and started to shake uncontrollably. I am really scared of what is about to happen to me. I quickly close my eyes and pretend to be asleep.

   "I know you're not asleep" A familiar voice said. I slowly opened my eyes and saw someone that I wished I didn't have to see again. Max George.

   "What do you want from me?" I asked angrily. Max just smirked and knelt down to my level. He roughly pulled me to my feet, sliding me up the pole.

   "Revenge, Power, and you're the key for me getting Zayn" Max said, dropping me and pulling out his phone.

   "Leave Zayn alone. What do you even want with him anyway" I said angrily. He just smirked and dialed Zayn's phone number. After he dialed the number, he put the phone on speaker and put tape over my mouth. After the second ring, Zayn answered the phone.

   "Hello" Zayn said.

   "Hello Zayn. If you want Louis back, Then meet me at the abandoned house on Kings Street" Max said.

   "Who are you and what have you done to Louis" I heard Zayn ask angrily. Max just chuckled and looked at me.

   "Don't worry. We didn't hurt him yet" He said, grabbing the corner of the tape and ripping it off my mouth. I let out an ear splitting scream because damn, that shit hurt.

   "What are you doing to him?" I heard Zayn shout through the phone. Max smirked at Zayn's reaction.

   "Zayn, I'm fine. He just ripped some tape off my mouth" I shouted. Max turned around and looked at me angrily. He grabbed a knife and walked over to me. He put the knife to my arm and slid it down to my wrist. I let out a small scream in pain.

   "What did you do to him" I heard Zayn say through the phone. I decided not to say anything this time because I didn't want to get punished again.

   "That's not important. Do you accept my offer Zayn" Max asked.

   "Yes. When do you want to meet" Zayn asked.

   "1:00 tomorrow, and come alone" Max said and hung up before Zayn could say anything else.

Zayn's POV

*The Next day*

   "Zayn, you can't go. It's a trap" Liam said after I told him about the phone call. I only told Liam because he was the only one I told about the powers. He completely understands the concept of the phone call.

   "Liam, you don't understand. If I don't go, who knows what they will do to Louis" I said, grabbing my coat. It was almost time for me to go.

   "Then let me and the others go with you. I don't want you to get hurt" Liam said. I blushed at the thought of Liam caring about me.

   "Liam, the person that called said that I had to go alone" I said, walking out of the room. Before I could get far, Liam pulled me back and slammed his lips to mine. I closed my eyes as I melted into the kiss. After a few minutes, Liam pulled away.

   "They won't know we're there. Please Zayn, I don't want you to go alone" Liam begged.

   "Only you. That way, if I do get kidnapped, you can come back here and tell the others" I said. Liam smiled and nodded his head quickly. We quickly ran downstairs and out the front door. We got in the car and Liam drove me to the house on Kings street. As soon as we got there, I looked at Liam.

   "Okay, if anything happens to me, I want you to go home and tell the other two about their powers. Underneath my bed is a box. In that box are folders with each of your guys' name on it. The papers inside each folder will tell you what your elemental power is" I explained. When Liam nodded his head, I got out of the car and walked into the house. Once I was inside, I started to look around.

   "Glad you could make it Malik. I was starting to think that you wouldn't come" A familiar voice said behind me.

   "Max. I should've known that it was you" I said turning around. He just smiled and clapped his hands twice. As soon as he did so, Siva and Tom walked up beside Max.

   "Where is Louis?" I asked angrily. They just laughed and walked towards me. I quickly shot fire at them.

   "Now Zayn, don't you know not to play with fire" Tom said, running behind me. I turned and shot a laser at him. He dodged it and the laser ended up hitting the faucet, causing it to break. Water shot out and hit my shoulder.

   "Ow" I said, backing away from the water spray. I looked at Max and saw him smiling evilly at me. Shit. Max ran to the sink and grabbed the sprayer. He turned it on and pointed it at me. Before I could move, Max shot the water at me, causing me to fall to the ground in pain.

   "Now Zayn, come along quietly or you will get more sprayed at you" Max said. When I nodded my head, Max and Siva roughly pulled me to my feet and dragged me out of the house. I slowly looked up and saw Liam standing on the other side of the road, crying. Siva and Tom threw me in the car and got in. The last thing that I saw before they drove off was Liam getting into the car and driving back home. Be careful Liam.

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