Kidnapped for Power

One Direction are secretly from the planet Hyperlias but Zayn is the only one that knows that. These 5 boys are a part of a very big prophecy. The planet of Hyperlias is in great danger and it is up to these 5 boys to save it. But what happens when they get kidnapped by the group of people that are trying to destroy their planet. The world is in danger if their power is used for evil. Will they escape or will this be the end of life as we know it? find out in Kidnapped for Power. ( This is a Larry and Ziam fanfic)


3. Three

Liam's POV

   As soon as I saw Zayn get shoved into the car by Max, I got in the car and zoomed off home. When I got there, I ran inside and straight towards Zayn's room. I dragged the box out from under his bed and started looking through the files. I found my name and pulled the folder out. I opened it and looked it over.

Liam James Payne

Age: 18

Birthday: August 29, 1993

Earth Parents: Karen and Geoff Payne

Element: Nature Spirit

Mystical side: Shape shifter

   Information: Has the power to control plants and the power of super speed. He can cause himself to become invisible to perform sneak attacks on his enemies. If angered can cause massive earthquakes. He has a bold and courageous attitude and will defend the ones he cares about. He is known to put up a fight in order to defend his friends. He has the special ability to talk to animals or simply summon them.

   I continued to look through the files and found out that Niall's element is ice and Harry's is water. I quickly got up and ran to the living room. I saw Harry and Niall sitting on the couch, a scared look was planted on their faces.

   "Guys, I have to tell you something" I said, causing them to jump. They got up and ran over to me, crushing me in a hug. I push them off and look at them in confusion.

   "Sorry Liam, we were so worried that something happened to you and Zayn. Speaking of which, where is he?" Niall asked. I felt my knees give in and I fell to the ground in sobs. After about thirty minutes, they calmed me down and I sighed.

   "Zayn got a phone call yesterday about Louis and was told to go to the house on King Street. He told me about the call and I drove him there today. I waited on the other side of the road for ten minutes, I noticed Zayn being dragged out of the house and shoved into a car. As soon as that happened, I followed Zayn's orders and drove back here to look at the files that were under his bed" I explained, showing them the files.

   "Do you have any idea where they took him?" Harry asked. I sadly shook my head looking down. Niall opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by his phone ringing.

Niall's POV

   I answered my phone and put it on speaker.


   "Hello, Niall Horan. Tell Liam he shouldn't have looked at those files" A low voice said from the other end of the phone. I looked at Liam and saw that he had a confused and scared look on his face. How the hell did this person know that Liam looked at those files?

   "Why not" I asked. I heard a dark laugh come from the other end of the phone.

   "Let's just say that Zayn is in trouble for telling Liam about the files" The man said. As if on que, we heard a loud scream come from the other end of the phone. The call ended after that.

   "Zayn is getting hurt and its all my fault" Liam said, looking at the ground.

   "It's not your fault Li. You were just doing what Zayn told you to do" Harry stated. Liam gave a small smile and I decided to change the subject.

   "So Liam, can you tell us what our powers are?" Liam's face lit up and he nodded his head eagerly.

   "Niall, your element is ice. Your mystical side is a caster, which means that you can cast illusions of whatever it is you would like to see, real or not. Your other powers include seeing the future and making force fields" Liam said, looking at me. He then turned his attention to Harry and continued talking.

   "Harry, your element is water. Your mystical side is Shadow, which means that you can control the darkness. You are also really good at sneaking around in the shadows. Your other powers include healing and super strength."

   "Tell us about yours and the others" Harry said. Liam smiled even more and nodded.

   "Zayn is fire and his mystical is a sorcerer. His other powers are telekinesis and plasma beams. Louis really isn't an element. On here it says he has something called The Flame of Dragus. His mystical side is a Dragon. His other powers are telepathy and sonic blasts" Liam explained. This is so cool. I can't believe we are actually from another planet.

   "Wait, I got an idea" I shouted suddenly.

   "What?" They say in unison.

   "Liam, you said I can cast illusions. Maybe I can make an illusion of the place where Louis and Zayn are being held" I stated.

   Liam and Harry smiled and nodded in agreement. I decided to try and focus all of my energy on an image of Zayn and Louis' location. I heard a gasp and opened my eyes, only to see the image of an old, abandoned hospital.

   "Niall, you did it. And lucky for you, I know exactly where that place is" Liam stated excitedly. We quickly put on our shoes and jackets. Liam grabbed his car keys and all three of us ran out to Liam's car.

   Don't worry Zayn and Louis, we will save you.

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