Kidnapped for Power

One Direction are secretly from the planet Hyperlias but Zayn is the only one that knows that. These 5 boys are a part of a very big prophecy. The planet of Hyperlias is in great danger and it is up to these 5 boys to save it. But what happens when they get kidnapped by the group of people that are trying to destroy their planet. The world is in danger if their power is used for evil. Will they escape or will this be the end of life as we know it? find out in Kidnapped for Power. ( This is a Larry and Ziam fanfic)


4. Four

Zayn's POV

   After I was kidnapped by Max, I was brought to an abandoned hospital. When we got there, I was instantly dragged inside and chained down to a hospital bed. I could see that there was a lot of needles in the room. Max had told Tom to call Niall and tell him that Liam shouldn't have looked at the files.

   Max grabbed one of the needles and filled the tube with a weird orange liquid. I started struggling, causing him to smirk at me. He put the needle to my arm and pressed it into my skin, pushing the liquid into my blood stream. I instantly felt a burning sensation flood my body. I let out a loud scream in agony.

   "What did you inject me with?" I said through the pain. I could hear Max laughing at the pain that I was in.

   "Syroline" Max replied with a smirk. Shit, that means I am going to have to obey everything he tells me to do.

   "H-How long will this amount last?" I asked nervously. He gave me a smirk before replying.

   "Two and a half days."

   I am going to have to obey him for two and a half fucking days.

   "Your fucking insane, you know that right" I said, causing him to smile.

   "Yes. Now be a good boy and go to sleep" He said. And just like that I fell into darkness.

Harry's POV

   Niall had made an image of Zayn appear so we could see what made him scream. We saw him getting injected with some type of orange liquid. His face showed discomfort and pain.

   "Niall, show us an image of Louis" Liam said, his eyes still focused on the road. Niall concentrated and soon an image of a bloody Louis appeared in front of us. He was hanging from the ceiling covered in scars and bruises. Blood kept sliding down his back and chest and he looked paler then usual.

   "Oh my god" I said, tears filling my eyes. What did they do to him?

   "We have to get there as soon as possible" Niall said, causing Liam to speed up. The hospital was soon in view and Liam slowed down and parked a block away from the building.

   "Ok. We have to be really quiet in order to save Louis and Zayn" Liam said as we got out of the car. Niall and I nodded our heads and followed Liam to the hospital. We quietly walked through the doors of the hospital and were a bit surprised when we didn't see any guards roaming around.

   "Ok, do you know what rooms they are in Niall?" Liam asked as we quietly walked along the halls.

   "I can tr..." Niall started but was cut off by a voice behind us.

   "Well, Hello boys. I suppose you guys are here to try and save Zayn and Louis."

   We slowly turn around and see Max standing there smirking. Shit, this is bad. He must have been waiting for us to show up.

   "Where are they?" I asks, glaring at Max.

   "Don't worry. You three will be joining Louis real soon" Max said, looking at all three of us in amusement.

   "What about Zayn?" Liam asked, worry laced in the words. Max smirks before snapping his fingers, causing Zayn to come out of the shadows. Zayn had a worried look on his face.

   "Zayn, use one of your sleep spells"

   "imperio sleepana"

   A light purple mist came out of his hand and swirled around us. I instantly felt my eye lids get heavy before everything went black.

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