Bad boy... Or good guy?

When Dakota moved to Australia hoping to make new friends she meets four boys who changed her life, but one guy has taken a liking to her but, he's really confusing he flirts and is romantic one second and then the next he's off making out with a slut.
So now Dakota has to decide if she wants to be with him or let him go.

(Terrible at summaries sorry xc )


3. school

I woke up to the annoying ring of my phone. I looked to see it was my alarm going off to signal time to get ready for school. I got up getting in the shower.

I slipped on my black ripped skinny jeans, I put on my red sleeping with sirens shirt I put on a red beanie and black vans. I brushed my teeth than went to my room.

I straighten my hair and then did my make up. I slipped on a lot of bracelets and I grabbed my phone. "Dad" I yelled.

"Down stairs come on it's time to leave" my dad screamed back. I grabbed my bag and ran down the steps. "Ready" I said he smiled at me and grabbed the keys.

We pulled up an I got nervous "wish me luck" I said "love you"

"Love you to" I said getting out. I walked in to the office getting my schedule and locker information.

I walked around trying to find my locker, I bumped into a chest I stepped back looking at the person to find the four boys I bumped into yesterday. "Sorry" I said "it's cool Dakota" Calum said.

The day went by pretty fast I hung out with Calum and ashton in most of my classes and they invited me to hangout later. So I texted my dad letting him know.

"So Dakota I see you like bands" Michael said. I nodded "yeah I like a lot of bands" I stated. It was very awkward between Luke and I. I don't get why he just seems like he doesn't like me.

Sorry it's not long <3

I'm at my friend but I

Promise next chapter will

Be longer thanks for reading


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