Bad boy... Or good guy?

When Dakota moved to Australia hoping to make new friends she meets four boys who changed her life, but one guy has taken a liking to her but, he's really confusing he flirts and is romantic one second and then the next he's off making out with a slut.
So now Dakota has to decide if she wants to be with him or let him go.

(Terrible at summaries sorry xc )


2. friends?

I've been in Australia for about 5 days and here soon I have to start school and I'm really nervous, because what if they don't like me or think I'm weird. Uggh! The struggle is real.

I just really hope I make friends I think I'm going to explore the town check it out see if I meet anybody new.

~time skip~

I was walking in black high waisted shorts with a nirvana shirt tucked in but pulled out a little so it looked lose I had on a black beanie and black and white converse. I was currently on my way to the store around the corner for some sour nummy bear (sour patch kids) and pop.

When I found the store it was a cute little shop on the corner it had candy, chip, pop and little stuff like that. an old women was working she was probably in her 70's. I heard a giggle but it was from a boy and then something like horse playing. I walked down the isles looking for sour nummy bears finally finding them I grabbed them then I went to get my pop. I just had one problem there were four boys in my way. One looked Asian but I don't think he is, one had brown hair and was the one who giggled , one had red hair and was really pale, and the other had blonde hair and a lip ring with tattoos. "Excuse me" I said the boys looked up from horse playing "oh I'm sorry I didn't see you" said the one who looked Asian "it's cool" I said they moved out the way so I can get pop. "I haven't seen you around here before" said the one with brown hair "I'm ashton and this is Luke, Michael and Calum"

"Hi I'm Dakota" I said shyly it's not that I'm shy it's just I have social anxiety and I don't like talking in groups of new people or really any groups.

"Isn't that a guys name" said Luke Rudely.

"Luke stop be nice she's new" said Michael

"Yeah stop being rude" said Calum.

"It's fine guys he's aloud to have his thoughts and yes Dakota is a guys name but it can be a girls name to" I stated. "Well I shall be going goodBye Calum, ashton, Michael and Luke"

"Wait do you have a phone" ashton asked I nodded "well if you want I can give you my number and you can text me since you probably don't have friends here yet. Maybe we can be friends" he said.

I smiled " I would like that" we exchanged numbers I bought my stuff and went home.

"Dad" I screamed in the newly unpacked house

" I'm upstairs in my office" I ran up the steps I found the office he was typing on his computer he looked up when I knocked on the door.

"Hey I wanted to let you know that I made friends it's weird how I met them but I did it" I said chuckling a little.

"Ahh I see well at least you've made new friends that's always good to hear" I nodded "well I would love to spend more time with you but I'm really busy" he finished

"I know anyways it's getting late and I Should probably go to bed I don't want to be tired on my first day of school tomorrow" I said "good night love you" I said.

"Night love you" and with that I went to my room I looked around and notice how you could barley see the light blue walls because they we're covered in band posters, or how I had a lot of room left. Even after my king size bed my desk my guitar and drums. I had a walk in closet that was pretty big to filled with skinny jeans and band shirts and here and there some shorts and maybe one dress.

My shoes are most likely converse or vans besides one pair of flats I had a self filled with beanies and bracelets. My desk only had my laptop on it and a picture of my mom when she was pregnant with me.

My mom had died when she gave birth to me so there's no picture of me with her sadly, and my dad is usually gone on business trips so I'm basically alone.

I turned on the tv and went to bed because I was tired and had school.

A/n I hope you guys liked it cx 💕💕

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