I love you

Tayla clifford is Michael Clifford's sister
Ashton and Tayla meet but is it the first time they meet do they fall for each other what happens when Tayla has an over protective brother


2. Lashton

Hi guys sorry I'm not a really good writer I'm trying my best sorry for the weird ship name Laston couldn't think of anything better of you have. Suggestions help please!!??!!!!!?!


I kissed her I couldn't help it she is so perfect

Then.... Craz fans have to Ruin the moment. So I take behind the bus the fans got tired and left I have her all to my self


Ashton - your beautiful

Lilly- thank you

I am blushing like crazy and I can't stop so I look to the ground ashton puts his finger under my Chin and kissed me I have theses butterfly's when ever he touches me . He puts he tongue at my bottom lip asking for an entrance I open my mouth are tongues dance in each other's mouths we are having a full out make out season when we are interrupted by the boys of 1D and 5sos and Brooke and Grace looking out the bus window watching us

Harry- ashton famous with the lady's

Louis - hey love how's the weather in ashton sunny or rainy

Your and ashton face is bright red like a tomato

Ashton- um..... Hi this is Lilly

Lilly - hi

Stay cool Lilly don't flip out stay cool

Ashton- we're coming in

Niall- ok love birds

I go to walk in but ashton pulls my wrist

Ashton- Lilly........ Will you be my girlfriend

Lilly- yes

I smile and answer with a kiss

Hi ok sorry for the sucky chapter but got to go I might not be able to update in till

Friday I might be able to tonight will good night love ya all!!!!:)

Lilly's PROV

We walk into bus I start to fan girl I look at ashton his face is bright red you turn around and see Luke,Michael,Calum,and the 1D boys all making kissing sound and faces it was kinda weird but I think ashton looked cute blushing. Ashton pulls you into the back of the bus were the bunks and he looks the doors and pulled u closer so there was barely any Space in between you two her starts kissing you he kisses your jaw line all the way down your neck

Lilly- ashton I.. I.. I'm a

Ashton - your a Virgin it's ok I'm to

Will hi guys I don't like this story tell me I'd u do Ill keep going but I'm going to make a new book

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