I love you

Tayla clifford is Michael Clifford's sister
Ashton and Tayla meet but is it the first time they meet do they fall for each other what happens when Tayla has an over protective brother


1. bad but good luck

Hi guys this is my first time writing hope u like!!!!!

L=Lilly B=Brooke G=Grace T=Tyler

L-Hurry up or I'm leaving fucking without u. I hear foot steps running down the stares

b- do I look ok

L+G= of corse you you do when do you not .

L= I can't wait I can't wait to see Luke !!!!!!'I hope he thinks I'm hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G- you both are acting like bitches can you we leave now??????


We r 5 hours early and the boyz bus is in site

B-I want a coffee can we go get one pleeeaaasse?!?!????

G- meh to

L- I'm staying hear you two can go and get me one to!!?!?

B- kk!!

Lilly's P.R.O.V

I sit on the Sid of the street when my phone buzzed my boyfriend Tyler is calling meh

T- hey babe we need to talk

L- ok sure what's going on are u ok?

T- yeah um... I think we should break up

L- what are u talking about

T- um.. I.. think we souls break u...

L- asshole yourrrrr a fucking asshole

I couldn't take it any more I hung up and just cried think it was all a joke but realized quickly it wasn't a joke or a dream .:(


I hear a girl crying I think I'm just hearing things but I keep hearing the weeping

A- do u hear that?

M- hear what?

A- I think I hear a girl

Luke - I hear it to and Brooke and her friends will be her in 10 minutes

A- um..oh..ok

M- someone has a crush

A- shut the fuck up asshole

And I left walking outside I see a black shadow crying


I see a blond hair guy walking over to me I think in my head NO it can't be ASHTON IRWIN is walking over to me I try to wipe off my make up but it's not working so I start to cry loader


She is is starting to cry more I start to walk faster and I see she looks up she is the most beautiful girl I ever seen even with make up running down her face

Ashton- um..hi are you... Um.... Ok ?

Lilly - oh.. Um ......yyyeah I'm fffine

Ashton- are is sure hear you look cold

I hand her my coat and she puts it on

Lilly- thanks

Ashton- are you hear by yourself

Lilly- no my friend Brooke and grace just went to go get coffee we wanted to get her early so we could meet you guys

Ashton - um... Does Brooke date Luke

Lilly- um.. Yeah that's why we came it wanted to meet the rest of you I'm a major fan

Lilly PROV

LILLY- um... Yeah that's why we came I wanted to meet the rest of you I'm a major fan

Did I just say that to ASHTON IRWIN I'm such an idiot

Ashton- so you are you say

Lilly - yeah um..

I can't help it I start to cry again ashton sits down next to me and scooted closer to me and put his arm around me

Ashton - can u tell meh what happen

Lilly - my dum ass EX boyfriend broke up with me we been dating since we were 15 he is a jerk and I can't get over him

Ashton - that sucks your to beautiful to be crying at 8 o'clock at night in the middle of a parking lot

Lilly- you think I'm....

I was interrupted by Ashton's lips hitting mine kissing me passionately I kiss back i'm saying oh my God I'm kissing ASHTON IRWIN in my head I pull away for air there are a few fans that see ashton and are steaming and rumming towards us

Ashton- let's go over here

Lilly- ok

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