The Corners of Darkness

There are a lot of events unfolding in the galaxy. Events that are going to test the very being of many. Step into an alternate universe where a multitude of characters go through their own trials and tribulations that will become linked in a way they don't even realize.


11. The Hunt of the Anonymous


Well isn't this a sight to behold. It's been awhile since I've seen you two.” Mel sat in combat armor on the large table in the conference room.

About two years to be exact,” Sarah grinned.

Razor plopped down into a chair on the left end of the table. “This is going to be a pain if your here.”

What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Mel replied in protest.

Means that whatever this is, it's probably going to keep me away from my case for awhile.”

That is correct Mr. Romain.” A Numetar walked into the conference room wearing an all-black suit with no shoes due to his large webbed feet. Bumps covered his slimy face, and his voice sounded like words coming from the wings of a bug. His long three-fingered hand carried a briefcase as he walked with purpose to the opposite end of the large table, turning on a projector in the process. He was Yui Jones, The Guild's Multi-Divisional Director in charge of overseeing missions requiring multiple branches. Jess walked in after him, followed by the 8 crème dela crème of The Guild. They were the Elziir, and worked under the Guildmaster directly. They took places all over the room, either sitting in odd positions or in odd places like the corners ceiling, and under the table.

Jones mumbled to himself as he muffled through his briefcase. His seven eyes moved frantically in several directions. The two that rested in the humanoid positions searched his briefcase while the rest atop his head seemed to run across the room, ensuring that the correct number of specimens had shown up to the meeting. After a minute of frantically searching, he pulled out a a virtual disk which he tossed into the projection in the center of the table. The projection expanded up into the air, showcasing images of Haalm and the figure involved as he began the briefing.

As you are all aware, Haalm suffered from a devestating attack yesterday, drawing a lot of attention in the galactical world. Over 800 million casualties were confirmed in downtown alone, half of them being military specialists, or in association with the Occultic Academy. After thorough examination of the crisis, The Guildmaster has determined the possibility of this being a potential galactic threat. As such, the person responsible has been marked with a grade of 7.”

That's pretty high for an individual,” Sarah speculated. “Even major attacks that have come from full clans barely manage a 6.”

The Guildmaster believes that there is more to this strange figure. He has not presented this one with any other information.”

That's especially strange,” spoke the high-pitched voice of Tamolken.

Regardless, you are to report to The Guild when you locate the target,” Jones continued. “Under no circumstance are you to engage.”

Woah woah woah,” Mel held his hand up, shaking his head.

The Guildmaster gives out a Grade 7 on a target and he all he wants is recon?”

That is accurate.”

That makes no sense.”

Not to mention the fact that we aren't even apart of the Elziir,” Razor added, “So why the hell are we even here?”

You are here Mr. Romain, because the Elziir is a group of 12,” spoke an outside voice. “You were all asked to join after your graduation from The Prime Corps Training Regime, however declined for your own personal reasons. Since we have not found any other members suitable, you have been placed as temporary fillers for the duration of this mission. And no Mr. Billux, it doesn't make sense but it is your mission nonetheless.” The heads in the room turned to the door, where a middle-aged woman stepped through. Her auroric eyes danced like a rainbow, yet screamed intimidation rather than beauty. She had pale blue skin and white hair dropped in a pony tail mid-way down the back of the large white cloak that covered her, hanging just over the emblem of the guild: A black elegant shield standing firm with grey chains slipping like shadows behind the emblems of the five empires.

M-milady.” Jones stumbled before quickly kneeling in the presence of the one he admired most.

We've been over this Jones, I'm a commander, I'm not a queen, nor do I wish to be.”

I apologize mila- I mean Guildmaster.”

The Guildmaster's a chick?” Mel stammered, drawing the woman's auroric eyes to him.

I mean don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem, it's just that every one I've heard mention you always refers to you with a male implication. So forgive me for my surprise.”

Perhaps it's habitual.”

Lack of recognition doesn't bother you?”

I am the Guildmaster. You know it, they know it. I am recognized for the work I have done. If people get the gender confused before they meet me then so be it. I say let them be surprised.”

Mel nodded his head in approval as the Guildmaster made her way up to the front of the room.

Our target has been given a grade 7, but in actuality, it may be higher, which is why no direct contact is to be made until we have more information.”

Why not just give them a higher grade?”

Because my theory is only a hunch at this point, and if it turns out to be nothing, then I don't want to have wasted more of The Guild's resources. You'll be working in teams in order to track and locate whoever is responsible. They are sure to strike again, and when that happens we want make damn sure we're-”

Another woman barged in through the door. She wore an all-white leather outfit with long sleeves and pants. Her black hair was short, and stopped just short of the glasses she wore. She was immediately recognized by the others as Relya, the Guildmaster's assistant. She walked purposefully as she spoke flipping through a virtual data pad.

We got a problem! We've just received word that the Blue Legion has been wiped out.” The eyes of the Guildmaster flared.

Impossible. The entire Blue Legion?”

She flipped the data pad onto the table and images of the massacre rose, drawing the attention from the room.

The entire slaughter took place within ten minutes,” Relya continued.

No fucking way that happened in ten minutes,” Gilber protested.

Dammit. I was hoping to at least formally introduce the temporary fillers, but you'll have to do that on your own. I want all of you to head out. You will begin your investigation at Zor. Afterwards, your free to work however you please. But if you find anything that could be helpful to finding this bastard, I want to know about it. Dismissed. Mel, Jess, a moment.”

The Elziir began filing out of the room and Mel's face dropped into nonchalance as he turned his gaze toward the ceiling. Jess sighed and ran her hand through her hair as she took a breath to steady herself. Both already knew what this was about. Once the room had cleared, the guildmaster closed the door and turned her attention to them.

You already know what this is about, so I'll spare you two any bullshit and get down to the facts. Fact one, you two are now partners, whether you like it or not. Fact twp, you will have to work together unless you both want to get killed. Now I don't care how you decide to handle the animosity between you, but your distaste for each other does not cost us this mission. Is that understood?”

Both complied and saluted before leaving the room. Jess walked ahead of Mel, both in silence as they made their way to the ship awaiting them. It was going to be a long mission for both of them.

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