The Corners of Darkness

There are a lot of events unfolding in the galaxy. Events that are going to test the very being of many. Step into an alternate universe where a multitude of characters go through their own trials and tribulations that will become linked in a way they don't even realize.


7. Rally in the Shadows


Abe let out a sigh as he slung the last of the rocks in his hand across the dimly lit cave.

“So Angel, you just call us in here so we could admire each other in the dark?” he asked sarcastically, running his hand through his spiky hair. Angel turned her gaze towards Abe in silence, before letting her look fall back to the paper she was studying over.

Oh? You deaf now?” he began again. His question was met with the same response as the first, and he tilted his head back and sneered. His dark shades hid his eyes, but it was clear that he was agitated by the lack of respect he'd gotten from Angel.

Bitch interrupts me in the middle of my work, and then won't give me a response when I ask her why.”

Angel closed her eyes and smirked, knowing that the point of the comment was to rattle her. But she wasn't one who could be altered so easily. She enjoyed hearing dimwits like Abe as they attempted to provoke her, and raging when she would not be stirred.

Have some patience,” she said emotionless in a soft-spoken voice.

Patience?” he replied rising from the rock he rested on.

“The whore is telling me to have patience?”

Abe. Watch your tongue,” spoke another voice. Abe looked behind him, opposite the entrance of the cave to the rocky ledge above where his eyes met the broad figure of Shift. His three pupils glowed white and gazed in no particular direction. The white glowing tattoos extended from his eyes like arrows across his face, and disappeared down his neck into the heavy black coat he wore. He had scales running like a scar on his cheeks. He sat with his back propped up and his leg haging over the edge. His hands hung loosely over his knee, and revealed his brown scaly skin color and razor sharp talons on his fingers. On his chest was the infamous double faced insignia of The Hidden. It was greyed out, more so on one side than the other. The lighter side held a bloody hollow eye and the grimace of a devil , while the other held a red eye and the sinister smile of a madman.

Abe tsked. “I think I'll talk to her how I damn well please.” He shifted his eyes back to Angel and looked at her in disgust.

I don't like her, and frankly, I don't feel that I have to pretend that I do”

Shift chuckled. “Well, I warned you.” Abe suddenly he felt a familiar presence behind him and immediately understood Shift's warning as he heard the voice that sent shocks down his spine along with a energy ready to burst through his chest at a moments notice.

Is there a problem here Abe?” Abe closed his eyes, calming himself, and didn't dare turn around to face the insanity inches from him. Despite his skill, Abe knew he was no match for his leader. And he simply had too much respect and too little gain to defy him.

None at all,” he replied. Shift flashed down with his back to the hooded assassin that could have taken Abe's life at will. The only thing preventing him from finishing, was loyalty. The man wore black and purple hooded robes with the double faced insignia against an inverted trapezoid background of purple on the top center of his back.

So did your trip prove as interesting as your source claimed?” Shift asked. Chaos turned his head, looking out the corner of his eye at his long time companion and trusted advisor and smirked, showing his serrated teeth.

No. It was completely undersold,” he spoke in his usual monotone as he turned to face Shift. “Something, or someone I should say, made quite an appearance on Haalm.”

The reporters said there was a bomb.”

There was technically speaking. He was just human.”

Not exactly something they want the public to know then.” Shift said, concluding his curiosity.

I assume this new someone is a threat to our plans?”

And one with rather asinine methods.” Chaos answered.

Is that why you called us here?” An attractive voice spoke out from the ledge. It belonged to a woman named Carina, whose looks, despite her age, were attractive enough to fool someone into thinking she was fresh out of college. Her black hair was in a segmented ponytail that dropped past her right shoulder. The over-sized metal hair clip keeping her hair up bore the double faced insignia. Her face was a light shade of grey and had no blemishes. Her eyes were black with a neon green outer-rim, almost as if she were cybernetic. She was slender, but extremely curvy, and she wore a tank top that showed most of her chest as well as the flatness of her stomach, with shorts that covered her to mid-thigh and high top shoes.

It's only part of the reason you called us here I'm guessing?” Angel spoke, now standing looking at Chaos while fidgeting with the insignia on her ring. He glanced in her direction with affection. She knew exactly how he thought, and he loved every minute she spent calculating him. Angel found herself unable to hold her gaze, and grabbed her arm nervously and looked away shyly. Chaos continued.

This is about us taking our next step.”

Next step?” Carina asked surprised.

We've only been chasing small game so far,” continued Angel. “If we're to achieve our goals then we need turn our appetite from the fish to the sharks. Or even better, we should slaughter the fish while eating the sharks.”

A sinister chuckle came from the entrance of the cave as the last two members of The Hidden stepped through. The first person to walk through, and source of the sinister laughter, was Kole. He had a lean figure, and appeared to float as he walked. He wore a hood, and his face was covered by a mask where his double faced insignia reigned proudly. The second was Rok. He was a bulky figure, and wore a t-shirt that looked ready to rip from the size of his arms. He wore jeans, and a big belt where his insignia rested.

"Seems that things will be getting interesting then?" Kole asked in a nefarious tone.

So this means we get to have a little more fun?” Rok added, pounding his oversized fists together. The impact was enough to cause vibrations in the cave.

Chaos walked towards the center of the cave as he spoke.

Yes, that's one way of looking at it. Lately we've been targeting prominent figures that have swindled themselves up the food chain and have some false sense of empowerment. But now, it's time we look to taking out the true icons.”

You mean the ones that actually have power,” Angel spoke, finishing his thought again. “Ones with occultic ability. And high ranking officials in the military.”

Exactly,” Chaos replied.

Carina squinted her eyes and squeezed her temples as she wondered who their first targets would be. The military was a broad statement. There were five major empires in the galaxy along with the independent empires that operated on their own. Still trying to gauge exactly what the next step was, she spoke.

Military doesn't exactly convey who we attack.”

Chaos held up his hand. "We're not targeting the empires directly. But rather the groups and individuals that are most iconic. The ones who are the strongest and currently hold major influence throughout their own empires and the rest of the galaxy.”

And what about groups like The Guild? They don't operate under anyone.” Carina analyzed.

That's not the point,” Angel answered. “The point is that they are strong, and they represent some sort of safety and stability to the citizens across the galaxy even if not directly. It spreads fear if they are taken out.”

It causes anarchy.” Chaos finished. “It's time for us to emerge from the Karra System into the rest of the galaxy. We'll head to Planet Zor for the celebration that The Blue Legion is holding. They'll be the first to taste the fear of being powerless. Gear up and be ready to move in 6 hours.” On his last statement, they dispersed, doing whatever they needed to prepare. Chaos jumped to the ledge and walked to the back wall of the cave. A move of his hand caused a secret door to open and he proceeded to move inside the hidden bunker. It was a place The Hidden could freely use in the event they wanted a place to train. From the entrance was a white hall. The first room on the right was a kitchen, containing a plethora of food supplies and equipment. Across from it was an entertainment room. It was set up with plasma TV's and their own private network. The rest of the rooms were for each of the members, and were accessible by their own occultic energy. At the end was a large room used for training. There was equipment for many forms of weight lifting, matts and dummies for sparring, and the walls were made sound proof and energy resistant. Chaos walked into his room, which was nothing more than a bed and a few dressers. He rarely used any light, and if he did he casted one. He took off his hooded outfit, revealing the The Hidden's Insignia tattooed on his back in the same place it was on his hoodie. He ran his hand through his hair recapping the destruction he saw on Haalm.

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