The Corners of Darkness

There are a lot of events unfolding in the galaxy. Events that are going to test the very being of many. Step into an alternate universe where a multitude of characters go through their own trials and tribulations that will become linked in a way they don't even realize.


9. Oddity of the Depraved


I felt woozy as I was spit out of the portal and sent rolling on a stone floor. I spun and kicked myself up to my feet, sliding another couple of feet before stopping. This was the twelth time that I had done this, and it still gave me a headache. I'd jumped into the original portal assuming that I would be taken directly to a place I could get answers. Maybe a hidden dungeon or something. Instead I was cascaded into a series of mazes, each one filled with an over-sized hostile freak monster at the end that insisted on letting out an insidiously high-pitched squeal that only succeeded in getting saliva all over the place.

I glanced around, realizing that this was different from the rest of the mazes. For starters, this wasn't much a maze, as I could clearly feel an energy slapping me in the face from the hallway directly in front of me, which brought on a wave of anticipation from within me. Torches were lit up on either side, lighting the path. I trudged slowly, wanting to savor the calm before the storm I was feeling from this energy source. Hopefully, whatever was giving off this power wouldn't disappoint. My heart was slowly growing more and more excited at the opportunity to feast on such a soul. The thought of the soul ferociously defending itself sent shivers down my spine and I felt the corners of my mouth involuntarily pull apart as a sadistic smile formed. There was satisfaction to be found in the triumph when work was involved. The energy was growing stronger with each step I took toward it, and I felt the madness in me begin to take over. My head felt both heavy and weightless, and I began wobbling from wall to wall as I moved forward. My stomach seemed claw at my sides, demanding that it be fed. I began fazing out, hearing the screams and pleading of men and women, begging not to be slaughtered, and I could imagine feasting on their souls as I released them from this world.

I continued along the path, and the energy overwhelmed me. It was even greater than my own power, adding to my mischevious anticipation. I could feel the pressure of it suffocating the air around me. The walls seemed to shake, and my body quaked as I felt the madness rushing through me. My vision blurred and turned red as if blood were spilling into my eyes. My hands flexed as my nails turned to claws, and the muscles throughout my body twisted and tore violently, slithering tightly together and hardening like armor. The pain was so great that it was too much to bear. I had now dropped to my knees, and my lips continued there involuntary stretch as my teeth seperated and made room for serrated fangs. The pleasure of the pain was so intense that I wanted to scream, but the muscles in my throat tightened, shielding the air bellowing up from my diaphram. I was at the point of no return. My neck was ready to explode, and not being able to scream made my heart beat wildly. The sensations throughout my body were too much to bear as the air built until it could not be contained any longer. My vocal chords ripped apart as I let a deep orgasmic screech leave my lips. My energy was uncontrollably overflowing.

I propped myself on my feet as the energy gathered beneath me, and I looked down the long hallway. My vision was improving rapidly, and I could see more and more detail even from the distance I maintained. I could see every crack in the black stone floors, and the carvings in the stone walls. My eyes wandered until I finally saw the end of corridor and the outlining dark purple aura of something that awaited to appease my insatiable hunger. I blasted down the hallway and into the large dark stoned room.

Upon entering, I spotted the source of my hunger. A man stood in a tattered cloak with a hood that casted a shadow on his face and my eyes held firm the two familiar orange and purple eyes. On his shoulder was the familiar shoulder spaulder and spikes. Despite knowing who it was, I couldn't help but want to feast on the power before me. It completely smothered me, and I knew that I didn't stand a chance in an outright battle, but I found myself barely able to hold myself back as the taste of the aura coursed through my veins. His eyes dared me. Challenged me. His entire form was filled with confidence. Confidence that made me want to break him down and hear him plead. My body shook uncontrollably as a psychological war ensued within my conscious. Madness battling Sanity.

Everything about him dared me to attack him, and as if he was tired of waiting, he beckoned me forward, adding a smirked comment in the process.

Well, come on, attack me.”

The words demoralized my sanity, and I charged head first, swinging wildly at his head. He evaded the series of punches with ease, and pushed me back with his palm to my chest almost as if he were bored and unimpressed. Such power he had, and it only made my madness surge. I charged for a second attack, however flashed behind him, planting my hand on the ground as I twisted my hips propelling my leg. He didn't even turn. He jumped in the air, and in response I shot up, aiming a piercing hand to his heart. He darted to the side, and swung around, planting a roundhouse to my face before coming back up with a fist into my chest. Blood spurted onto the floor as my ribs cracked. The pain sent another wave of unbearable pleasure seeping through me, causing me to let out another screech in response. My eyes lit up further, and I gripped his arm which was still locked into my chest, and caught him with a headbut to the face which I followed with a kick to the bottom of the chin that sent him flying upwards. As I spun backwars, he flipped mid-air and his feet hit the ceiling at the same time I landed back to the ground. We bursted toward each other, energy blasts ready. I slung mine, which he dodged as it went spiraling past him hitting the ceiling and causing debris to fall all over. He held his blast firmly in his hand as he attempted to purge it into my stomach. I turned to the side, slipping the initial attack, however caught a knee to the side as he slammed me back into the floor, this time pinning my neck with a knife that he pulled.

I was going absolutely insane from the madness, and every bone seemed to creek trying to free myself so that I could rip him from the power he held for my heart's delight. He held out his free hand and the energy returned, falling like a chain. It slowly dropped until it hit my skin, and sunk into me. The burning sensation caused me to yell out again as the energy drained out of me. The excitement I felt turned to emptiness, and all of my sensations disappeared at once, and I momentarily blacked out.

I came back to reality as he released me, my chest still burning. My head hit the ground in the process, adding to the severe headache I had coming on. Though I remembered all of what just ensued, it felt like a foreign memory. The hunger no longer protruded my thoughts and I was left to wonder exactly what I had just gone through and whether it was me that had actually went through it. As I sat wondering, The Figure stood propped against the wall next to me and spoke.

Just as I thought. The seal is completely broken.”

A thousand questions were rising as once, and I stared blankly at him as I debated on which I should ask first. Before I had a chance to stumble out a few incomprehensive words, he started again.

No use wondering about it right now. Your entirely too tired to process the answers anyway. We'll talk after you wake up.”

I was about to protest that I didn't feel tired enough to sleep, but my body acted as if it were waiting for his confirmation. The moment he'd said something, my remaining energy drained out, and my eyes felt like they were holding of mountains.

Darkness overtook me.

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