The Corners of Darkness

There are a lot of events unfolding in the galaxy. Events that are going to test the very being of many. Step into an alternate universe where a multitude of characters go through their own trials and tribulations that will become linked in a way they don't even realize.


8. Chaotic Tranquility


It had been a calm morning in the capital city of Planet Temprock. The streets were bustling with pedestrians who made their way toward the many commercial towers. They walked in uniform, and without courtesy. People of all races charged and bumped their way through the overcrowded foot traffic in their professional attires without complaint. Subways ran throughout the city, hovering as they traveled magnetically rails at speeds over 2000 kilometers, giving off a high buzzing sound at their passing. Vehicles bundled together as they traveled slowly and steadily in traffic lanes both grounded and aerial, swooping and weaving through the variety of towers.

Downtown Haalm was capitalism in it's purest form. Compared to the other major cities, most of the architecture was sub-par. All except for one.

Amidst the extensive range of skyscrapers that filled downtown was a mega-dome made of glass that dwarfed the rest of the buildings. The dome floated in the center of the city between two twin towers that rose mid way up the giant sphere. The sides of the buildings could have been mistaken for solar panels, however it was there that the buildings projected the energy to keep the dome afloat. The structure was so large that from a distance, one might mistake it for a large moon at first glance.

It was known as The Trade Exchange, the central hub for anyone who wanted to make it big in the corporate world. Here, the most prominent entreprenuers and politicians from across the galaxy battled and made their names in the corporate world. These were masterminds, who spun deals and made headlines in their respective industries. They swindled, back-stabbed, organized, and debated for hours, striking deals with their allies to take out their enemies, and then with their enemies to take out their allies. No one was to be trusted, no one gave any favors, and there was no such thing as a good deal. Every decision came with a consequence that could break you and make someone else. Here, the only thing that mattered was wits. Those with the most knowledge were outsmarted. Those with the most talent were overlooked. Those with the most honour were targets.

Chaos stood within the busy downtown staring at the beams of light blazing down like a golden shower over the vast amount of towers. He was disgusted by the very atmosphere. Waiting in silence, he observed as pedestrians went about their daily affairs, walking with their chins held up, acting as if they owned the galaxy. As if they were too important to bother acknowledging the woman who had lost her child among the crowd. He had received a tip that something would happen that would urge his interest, but so far, the only thing he had an urge for was spilling the blood of every person he saw walking like they couldn't be touched.

The attention was soon shifted to a commotion on the edge of downtown. Members of The Occultic Academy had gathered for a ceremony to commerate it's 274th graduating class, and had drawn quite the crowd of onlookers. Chaos studied them as they called the names of the 500 graduates and pointed out the top 10 among them. At the very least, this trip would provide him with a potential list of targets. He had all but lost his patience when he sensed a dark occultic presence in the area. Intrigued by the presence, he let his eyes wander a bit longer.

The ceremony was drawing towards it's final conclusion, and two climaxes were in store. Just as the fireworks went off, signaling the grand finale, so did an explosion of energy that began rampaging through the city.


The sound of my room's barrier being opened brought me back to reality. I had already known it was Angel before I'd even turned around. She was the only one who possessed the power to pass the barrier at her own free will. I turned my head and met her brown eyes as they gazed upon my flesh. She turned her head away shyly, and spoke to the floor.

Is it something I can help with?”

I couldn't help but crack a smile in response. One look, and she knew I was bothered. She knew me inside and out. She had known me from the day she met me, because we were mentally identical. There was nothing I could hide from her, nor was there anything I wanted to hide from her. We'd lost the same thing, and we craved the same thing, and we hated the same thing.

I sat down on my bed and looked at the dark ceiling. The only light in the room came from the door way. I sat for a moment in silence, knowing it would only take a few moments before she figured out what was bothering me.

What happened on Haalm?” she asked.

I had already closed my eyes, visualizing the scene again. It only took a few moments to recollect the gruesome details, and I spoke.

There was a ceremony going on at the time of the attack. The rats had all gathered to watch the spectacle, gossiping among each other, and feigning laughter with their high-pitched squeaks. I had just about had enough of that place when a dark presence appeared from thin air. The buildings in the area began crumbling without warning just as the fireworks launched for the finale. I looked closer as a black shroud began spreading through the city. Anyone who wasn't proficient occultic ability was privy to it's influence. I pinpointed the source of the power from a boy as he appeared on the buildings above the ceremony. He let out a scream and the onlookers quickly became sheep for the slaughter as he flashed down into the crowd. It was a blood bath of men, women, and children of all races as they were slaughtered in seconds by the the thousands. The black mist spread, and those enveloped in it were consumed by complete anarchy. They ran about the streets, slaughtering each other and causing mass riots. Within 10 minutes, I had watched as clouds of smoke blackened the sky, with the brilliant flames giving it the appearance of a volcano erupting from beyond.”

I paused, letting out a brief chuckle before continuing.

And you'd think that I would have been happy to see it. So much chaos. The authorities were swarming the place, attempting to evacuate civilians and restore some amount of order among the people. The stronger ones even tried taking him on directly, dying by the dozens. He had slaughtered at least a thousand of them when The Predator showed up. He managed to land a lucky punch that probably broke his ribs as it sent him flying across the city. At the moment of impact, the shroud began dissipating, and the energy faded, but I know that's because he escaped.

I mangage to catch a glimpse of his face as he crashed through the building I was watching from. The impact caused it to collapse, and as I was leaping from debris to debris, we met eye to eye for a brief moment, and I could sense him challenging me. He was clutching his side, but in his eyes I could see him daring me. As if saying 'I will break you and everything you stand for.' He definitely wasn't dead.

The image of those eyes are still stuck in the front of my mind, and I son't accept him being dead under any circumstance unless by me.”

Angel stood in silence. Her gaze had not left the floor. I was about to speak when she interrupted.

When are we going to pursue him?”

I cocked my head and squinted my eyes at her. I had a pretty solid idea of what she meant, but I still wondered if she meant 'we' as a group, or 'we' as in us. She looked up from the floor and I realized that her eyes had turned from shy to cold. Her mind had shifted from me to him. She walked further into the room, the barrier closing behind her, and asked again putting emphasis on the “we”.

Or more impotantly,” she continued, “Where are we starting?”

I couldn't help but to let out another smile. This girl astonished me. Shy just a few moments ago, and now fully composed. Almost as if she would leave to kill right now. She understood my craving, and it became hers almost instantly.

There's no need to be hasty. He'll attack again. Then we'll track him. Until then, we will stick to what we do.

Angel held her gaze, and my eyes slowly drifted to the rest of her. She wore a sweatshirt whose sleeves went well past her arm length, and was long enough to cover the blue jean shorts she wore. She was curvy, though not as much as Carina, but she her body fit her perfectly. Her blue hair streaked just past the bottom of her ears, and her nose contained a single piercing on her left nostril. Her nails were painted a slightly darker shade of her hair, and she wore no shoes. The double faced insignia was on the ring she wore on her left ring finger. If it weren't for her personality, one could easily mistake her for being human. She was a Kaldi, a species that were identical to humans, only stronger, more analytical, and generally emotionless. She caught my eyes wandering and briefly tightened up, grasping her left arm.

You nervous around me Angel?”

Very,” she responded firmly.

Why?” I asked after a moment of silence.

Because I lose myself around you.”


If you opposed me, I don't think I could kill you.” She looked away on her last statement, as if it hurt to admit it.

So you've tried imagining you killing me?” I asked unsurprised.

Yes, but even though it's only my imagination, I can never finish. I drop the dagger when I have it pinned to your throat.”


Because your eyes reflect mine.” I paused for a moment, and briefly let my gaze slip from her as I made my next statement.

If the roles were switched, I'd finish you.”

That's the lie you tell yourself to make you believe that I can't take your purpose away.”

You can't take my purpose away.” I said, slightly flustered.

That's the lie you tell yourself after the first one.”

And what makes you so sure?”

Because it's the same lies I tell myself when I imagine trying to kill you.”

I hated to admit it, but she was right. She was my fatal flaw. I had spent my waking moments trying to imaging her death from my hands, but I could never do it. If ever there came a time when we had to oppose each other with our purpose at stake, I would lose, because I wouldn't be able to kill her. I wanted to believe that it might go a different route, but I knew better.

You can't kill me. And you can't resist me. Because to do that would be more like suicide than murder. A complete rejection of you”

She was right. Killing her, was killing me. I got up and walked close enough to feel her breath against mine.

Your right. I can't kill you. And I can't resist you-" I stared longingly into her eyes. My entire being felt like it was on fire, and my head pounded as I spoke my final realization:

"And I'm not going to try to either."

My mouth met hers and erupted in a fiery passion. I slid my hands around her waist and pressed my body against hers as my tongue explored the depths of her mouth. I felt her hands as the ran through my hair, and continued tasting her as she bit my lip. I picked her up and swung her around, falling onto the bed. Her heart beat violently against my exploding chest as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

And we fell into perfect harmony.

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