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3. Michael Clifford - Y/ N

Michael Clifford - Y/ N- Story


"Y/N, I'm waiting!" my best friend yells from the basement of my house. 

"I'm on my way!" I yell back, grabbing my purse and running down the stairs. 

"Finally! Come on, we'll be late" Y/F/N says and I follow her to her car. 

We're driving not that long; the funfair isn't far away from where I live. Y/F/N turns the music a bit louder, but doesn't start to sing along like usuall. 

"Do you think, Ethan will be there?" she asks and throws a quick glance at me. 

That's why she is so lost in thoughts. Ethan. It's always Ethan. Okay, except from clothes.

Ethan is her best friend and she seems to have a crush on him like forever, but doesn't dare to tell him. I know that he also likes her and I try to get them both tell each other what they feel finally, but they aren't listening to me. 

"Sure" I say and nod. A smile creeps on my face. "You two should be dating already."

She groans. "Yeah, like it's that easy" Y/F/N says and parks the car. 


Two hours later we're still on the funfair. Ethan is actually there, joking and fooling around with Y/F/N. I hang out with the rest of our clique and as we make our way trough the crowd to the ferris wheel, I accidentally jostle someone. Our hands touch and I quickly try to get away from the stranger. 

"Sorry" I say and look up and want to leave already, but somehow... I can't. His green eyes are holding me and his soft full lips take my breath away. 

"No problem" he says and smiles. His bright red hair make his eyes shine and all of this doesn't help me getting away from him.

Suddenly another guy appears next to him in the moment someone grabs my hand. 

"C'mon, Michael, let's get something to- Oh" the blonde guy says and looks at me.

"Y/N, we're all waiting for you... again!" Y/F/N says, pulling my hand and taking me away from Michael and his friend. 

As Y/F/N draggs me away, I look back again.


The blonde guy is talking to Michael, but he doesn't seem to pay attention.

He's looking me straight in the eye; the little smile hasn't left his face. I'm looking at him as long as I can and don't care about the people I bump into or the things I clumsy stumble over. But at some point I'm just too far away and too much people obstruct my view.

As we reach the ferris wheel, they have already bought their tickets and were still talking about some things I can't concentrate on. All I can think about is the stranger with the green eyes and red hair and the name Michael. 


"Hey, you there, Y/N?" Ethan says, snapping his fingers in front of me. 

"Yeah, sorry" I say and look behind me, searching the crowd for this one guy. Am I crazy for doing this? I only bumped into him, we didn't even talk properly. 

"So, we're going now, you really don't want to join?" he asks and I shake my head no.

Even though I love the view from the little cabs, A, it's way too expensive and B, I'm suffering a little from acrophobia, so I can't even join them if I really wanted to.

"Have fun" I say and laugh a little, so they know it's okay. 

"I'll be right after you guys" Y/F/N says and the rest of your clique enter the waiting stage, showing their tickets.

Y/F/N looks long at me until she sighs and says "Stop thinking about him. Haven't you seen his... clothes and that dyed hair and eyebrow piercing? He's dangerous. Or probably unemployed or even homeless! I don't want you to get raped this night or ever."

I shiver. Y/F/N is a master of making things worse. She squeezes my shoulder shortly and takes a deep breath, before she runs a hand trough her hair. 

"Don't look that angry at me. I'm only trying to protect you" she says and sighes again. I haven't even noticed that my inner feelings have taken over my facial expression. 

"Don't get yourself into trouble while we're up there" Y/F/N says, before she turns around and joins the rest of our clique. 

I watch as they enter different cabs - Y/F/N with Ethan, of course - and I smile a little, even though I'm a bit angry at her. Yeah, it is nice that she wants to protect me, but she does that everytime I meet a guy she doesn't know.

And Michael... he had something... special.

No, not his hair color.

No, not that eyebrow piercing.

No, not his piercing green eyes or his amazing smile. 

It was... him. His aura has something in itself I can't describe and am probably never able to. 


With a sigh I watch as the ferris wheel starts rotating. Soon I lost the cabs of my friends and turn my back on it.

I look over the big place. It is crowded by every kind of people and they're all laughing and talking, while I stand here, alone, waiting for my friends. 

The minutes pass and I don't even know at one point I started, but I look more closely to the people who walk around. Searching for bright red hair, green eyes, pale skin. But I can't find him. Maybe he's already gone.

My heart aches and I bite my lip. Why does it hurt to think about a boy I never talked to properly? Why does it hurt to maybe only have a memory of this stranger and not his full name or number? 


I jump as someone touches my shoulder and turn around. 

Y/F/N stands in front of me, holding Ethan's hand and her eyes are shining. 

"So you finally talked?" I ask and she nods, while he laughs and squeezes her hand. 

At least this evening is good for these two.

We start walking and everyone talks around me, but I walk alone, still a captive of my own thoughts. As we stop at a candycotton booth, everyone buys one in their favorite color. 

"You too?" the seller asks with a friendly smile.

"Oh, no, thanks" I say and sigh. 

Michael has made his way in my head and doesn't seem to leave it very soon. I'm not hungry or thirsty. I don't want anything. All I want is to talk to him. Oh hell, at least see him again. 

When everyone's ready, we continue walking. I look back at the little booth and change my mind. Tomorrow I would regret not buying a bit of this cariesbomb. 

"Hey, I changed my mind. Wait for me at the chairoplane?" I say and my friends nod. 

I turn around and walk back to the little booth. 

"Oh, you're back" the seller says and smiles again. 

"Yeah, got pretty jealous watching my friends eating my favorite funfair candy" I say and he laughs. 

"Which seize and color do you want?" he asks and I don't have to think long.

"I take a big one in red, please. Bright red with dark parts" I say, trying to remember and describe Michael's hair correctly. I have to sound crazy, but I just can't get this boy out of my head. 

"Oh, like this color?" the seller asks and points on something behind me. I turn around and my heart skips a beat. 

"Um" I say, trying to catch my breath again. 

"Hi" Michael says, smiling at me.

"Uh, hi" I say, trying to do the same, but it ends up being a stupid grin. 

"So?" the seller asks. 

"Yeah, that's the color" I say slowly and can't take my eyes off him. Michael's smile grows and he shows off perfect white rows of teeth.

"Mikey, Niall changed his mind. He wants one in-" someone says, standing next to Michael now. "Oh, you again? Are you stalking us or something?"

I blush and finally am able to look away from Michael. I realize it's the blonde boy again and I notice he has blue eyes and a lip ring. He's pretty tall and looks confused at me. 

"Shut the fuck up" Michael says, hitting the blonde boy, but not turning his look away from me.

I look back to him and he says with a smile "Sometimes our future is based on coincidences, right Y/N?" 

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