Y/N- Stories & One Shots

Y/N- Stories / One shots with the boys of One DIrection and 5 Seconds of Summer - Also available with other celebrities! Want one with your name in? Read the first chapter to get to know how to get one! Doing this for fun and it's free. xx


1. About

Hey guys! 

To avoid writers block, I'm writing one shots/ y/n stories! You can easily get one, just answer the following questions...


1) What's your name?

2) Other persons and names I should know or are important?

3) The celebrity it should be about

4) Topics it should be about (don't have an idea? no problem!)

5) Important background story?

6) Something else I should know? 


It don't have to be about one of One Direction or 5 Seconds Of Summer; just comment and I'll find the fitting story. I have a few in my mind, but they don't fit into my stories and, well, are just one shots. 

Love you guys :) xx

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