Sweet Potato Fanfiction

I was talking to Raven711 and I told her that I'm in the sweet potato fandom, she dared me to write a fanfic...


2. Out of the Oven and in to My Mouth

I watched eagerly as my mother pulled the glowing pans out of the oven.  My mouth was already watering.  My eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped at the site of those sunset orange baked beauties. It was love at first site.  Mother always warned me to not touch things fresh out of the oven, but as soon as she set that pan down I grabbed it.  As soon as my hands touched it my hands released.  I had felt the searing pain of hot metal.  She scolded me.  I quickly rushed to the sink and ran water over my blistering hands.

 "How long?"  I asked.

 "Give it five minutes." she replied.

FIVE MINUTES!  That's to long.  Much, much, much to long.  I stood there staring at them. Smelling them, breathing them in.  "Soon." I thought.  "Soon they will be mine."  I waited, and waited, and waited.  I felt like hours, it felt like days, weeks, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, it felt like an eternity.  I couldn't stand it, just staring at them in anguish.  I got up, moved around, I had to get those jitters gone.  I jittered the jitters and paced my nerves.  I walked.  I stood.  I jumped up and down.  I looked towards my mother.  I could see that she thought I was crazy.  A surge of madness goes through me.  I am crazy!

I rush out of the kitchen and through the living room, out through the door and run.  Just run.  I feel free, legs pumping, chest heaving, the wind rushing past me.  Then it hit me.  I had just run away from my love!  I turned around and ran two times as fast as before.  When I got back inside my mother looked relieved and gave me the best news in the world.  "They're ready." she said.

I smiled, I smiled the brightest, biggest smile anyone has ever smiled.  I looked over at them.  They were beautiful.  I grabbed a plate and piled it high with sweet potato fries.  I was in heaven.  I started eating and found that they were delicious.  My life is now complete. 


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