My step-brother?

Sienna and her dad are moving to Sydney, Australia to be with her dads new girlfriend.
They've never met, and she's never met her son. What will happen when Sienna realises that her new step brother is the boy she has a massive crush on? The boy she's in love with? The singer and bassist of her favourite band, 5 Seconds Of Summer.



Sienna's POV

I had just gotten all of my things packed away in my new bedroom. It was quite big, bigger than my one at grandma and granddads. I asked Joy if I could go to the shops and buy some paint. Her and my dad agreed to let me go. As I was walking down the street I heard someone shout my name. I turned around to see Calum. "Sienna wait up" Calum finally caught up with me and nearly collapsed from running. "Hey, I thought I'd walk with you, we haven't really spoke yet" he had a twinkle in his eye. "Ok, erm hey?" I sounded so shy but oh well. When we got to the shop I picked out a purpley pink colour paint and a white paint. Calum had gone. I stared shouting him and them he jumped out on me. "Jesus fucking Christ Cal your scared me to death" I half laughed half cried. He looked at me with that same twinkle in his eye. At that moment I don't think anyone would be able to understand how self conscious I was. "What" I asked him wondering why he was still staring at me. "Your so fucking gorgeous".

Calum's POV

After a very awkward walk home, we finally made it through the front door. I walked to the kitchen and put my keys on the counter. There was a note from Mum and Morgan telling us that they were going to be away until Monday. 4 days on our own, great. I shouted Sienna and told her but I had no answer. I decided I would walk to her room and help her paint anyway. I knocked on her door and walked straight in, she was stood with her hair in a messy bun, in a crop top and shorts, she looked so perfect.

Sienna's POV

I really did like Calum, I mean I know he's my step brother but it's not that bad is it? I mean, I was in love with him before he became my stepbrother. I ignored him on the way home because I simply just didn't know what to say. I had my earphones in with my One Direction album blasting out. I didn't hear anyone walk in until someone pulled out one of my earphones. "What the fuck" I nearly slapped them round the face until I realised it was Calum. "Woah, sorry. I just came to see if you wanted any help? And our parents have gone away until Monday". He moved his hands down to my hips. "I really like you, Si. Like I think I'm in love with you, I know it's really wrong because we're like step b-" I cut him off and kissed him with all my passion. "I'm in love with you too Cal, and I don't think, I know". Calum grabbed me by my neck and closed the gap between our lips, he traced his tongue over my lip begging for entrance, and I let him. I dropped the paint brush and splattered paint all over out shirts as we let put a giggle. Before I knew it, I was pushed up against the wall. I wrapped my legs around Calum's waist as he held me up by my but. "I really want to fuck you right now". I let out a giggle and nodded, which resulted in Calum tiring around and throwing me on my bed. That night was the best night of my life to say the least.

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