A Bluebird's Song

'You have two choices:
Leave the room by the red door or the blue door. If you leave by the red, you will move on.
If you leave by the blue, you will go back.
This is life or death.'

What would you choose?
(Project Remix, inspired by If I Stay by Gayle Foreman)

An entry into the project remix competition inspired by If I Stay.


4. Mother

Somewhere in the world, a mother was sprawled across three chairs. Her eyes were red from crying. The faint beeping of heart rate monitors echoed her breathing. 

She sat up. An onlooker may have confused her look with sadness but it was desperation. She had thought that it was all a dream. How wrong she was. Reality hit her and she began to cry once again.

A man made his way across the room. He didn't look much happier. 'Oh god! Hattie! I'm so sorry I'm late. How is she?' The man exclaimed with a fair amount of fake emotion. 

'They say that she's stable.' Mrs Sanderson looked at her ex-husband. The one that had been an unwanted member of her life for fourteen years. She didn't care anymore and hugged him.

A doctor approached the chairs. Mrs Sanderson stood up quickly whilst Mr Sanderson look up with a disinterested expression. 

'There's no improvement. Brain scans show that she's still in a coma. You should prepare yourself for the worst. I'm so sorry.'

'I'm sick of that phrase. 'I'm so sorry.' But none of you really are! You! You're a doctor. You see hundreds of patients a day. You don't care!'

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