A Bluebird's Song

'You have two choices:
Leave the room by the red door or the blue door. If you leave by the red, you will move on.
If you leave by the blue, you will go back.
This is life or death.'

What would you choose?
(Project Remix, inspired by If I Stay by Gayle Foreman)

An entry into the project remix competition inspired by If I Stay.


2. Girl

Carly smiled and flashed her sparkling teeth. Her hair fell around her face and perfectly contrasted with her red dress. She looked beautiful but the hour of pacing in front of the mirror in her bedroom had dictated otherwise. Her hands softly floated on the velvet covering of the seats and she turned to face the stage as the lights dimmed.

Carly Sanderson was the average student at school. She was ‘in’ with the cool group. But she wasn't popular. And that was all that mattered. What else is there to aim for as a teenager? 

The curtain drew upwards and the music twinkled innocently. The fake-blood splattered corpse said otherwise. The mystery began. 

Carly's hair reached her waist. She twirled it around her finger while the narrator began to tell the story. She had only received tickets for the play because of a raffle. Her family could not afford to go to the theatre. The dress that she had been so proud of had been the product of months of saving. Her happy appearance definitely didn't spread to her thoughts. 


Carly didn't know where she was. She had just been at the theatre now she was somewhere else. Her dress was in tatters. She looked down at the ashen threads. The charred remains left faint black lines on her legs. Her hair was singed at the tips but she didn't notice. She looked around. There was no-one. 

It was normal light. Sort of like sunlight, except without a sun or any visible source of light. The room was empty except for a bench. Carly hugged her arms and sat down. It felt better to engage with the only furniture there than to stand alone. She bent her head down.

Carly whistled, rocking back and forth on the bench. It seemed to be getting colder so she got up and walked around. There was a note under the chair. It hadn’t there before, at least, she didn't think it had been.

Hello Carly,

You have two choices:

Leave the room by the red door or the blue door. If you leave by the red, you will move on. 

If you leave by the blue, you will go back. 

This is life or death. Choose one before the blue door disappears. 

Carly looked up. The doors had definitely not been there before.

Carly didn't understand. She thought that it was just a prank. Some sort of incredibly elaborate prank, yes, that was it.

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