A Bluebird's Song

'You have two choices:
Leave the room by the red door or the blue door. If you leave by the red, you will move on.
If you leave by the blue, you will go back.
This is life or death.'

What would you choose?
(Project Remix, inspired by If I Stay by Gayle Foreman)

An entry into the project remix competition inspired by If I Stay.


3. Boy

A small boy had crept through the doors. He tucked a tuft of hair behind his ear and shuffled between the actors. The boy hugged a case to his chest and muttered under his breath. 

He reached the bottom of the stage and he looked around. No one was watching. He started to crawl.

He pulled the box behind him and it clunked noisily as he narrowly avoided the wires. He reached the spot and sat still. He muttered a few more words and held his hands together. 

The boy opened the box and looked at the panel in front of him. He had no choice.

One hand reached for the button while the other fiddled with him t-shirt. An old Nirvana shirt that still smelt like his dad. 

The button clicked audibly.

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