A Single Spark

12 year old Christina Hollingsworth is queen of the school. She has a ton of friends and a humungous mansion. She always brags about her huge house and loves how it is so far away from the other homes - "It's soooo private compared to your house Madison!" is just an example. But she comes home one day from a bragging session at school to find her house burned down to the ground. Then comes the worst. The firefighters tell her and her family that the cause of the fire was a curling iron that was left on. And Christina realizes it was her fault. When the family's insurance company goes bankrupt, they are out on the streets. Can Christina get her life back? And can she convince her recently ex-friends to forgive her for everything she has done to put them down?


3. Burned to the Ground

   "Ahhhh," I sighed, sitting back comfortably in my seat.

   I looked out the window and frowned.  We were passing by the little town full of little houses and people with little money.  I was always disgusted at that community as we drove by it every day on the way home from school. 

   "How was your day Christina?" asked my chauffeur.

   "Fine," I replied, scowling. 

   He paused, trying to think of something to say.

   "Make any new friends?" he questioned nicely. 

   "No.  I don't need any," I said, and went back to looking out the window.

   "Well, if I may, miss, everyone needs friends," he said, bracing himself. 

   "I mean, I don't need anymore.  All of the other kids are dweebs," I snapped. 

   My driver didn't say anything.  He was the only one of the people close to me who didn't see things the way I did.

   We sat in silence until we pulled into the long, long driveway. 



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