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16. elise_collins

I remember when I was small

And Christmas was simply a joy for all.

Bright lights were everywhere,

Snow was filling up the air

With tiny, sparkling water drops

That I'd catch on my tongue.


A great many gifts

Of every shape and size.

I see wonder and bliss

In the younger kids' eyes

As they empty the stockings

That I had just hung.


The bills pile up as high as a mile

And I'm not sure my paycheck can take it.

But when I see my children's joy shine though their smiles

I know it was worth it, we'll make it.

I cannot forget all that

Christmas has brung.




I'd like to wish elise_collins and everyone else who sees this a very, very, very merry Christmas. I hope you've enjoyed my - extremely short - poem that I took far too much poetic licence for than is fair. Have a wonderful week.






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