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9. Call Me Satan

 A Satan Christmas

   I steal, I murder, I torture;

I feel no regret for my endless slaughter,

 I laugh, I smile, I cackle;

My prisoners are tied up with burning shackles.


 That is until Christmas day,

Because Christmas shows me the way;

 I donate to charity, I share turkey with captives,

I, for one day a year, finally remember to give.


 The very next day, I steal back donations,

I terrorize each and every nation;

I starve the slackers, torture the rebels,

They will be eternally stuck in my Hell.


 That is until Christmas day,

 Because Christmas shows me the way;

 I give food to the homeless, comfort the lonely,

And, for that one day a year, I make people happy.


 The next day, if anyone begins to tire,

 I burn them with fire;

 If anybody decides to rest,

 I greet them with all my many demon guests.


That is until Christmas day,

 Because Christmas shows me the way;

 I smile and I laugh,

 I knit an orphaned girl a colourful Christmas scarf--


The very next day, I take it all away,

 Because I am Satan, and everyday I make humanity pay,

 Except for on Christmas day,

 Because Christmas shows me the way.


Merry Christmas - Call Me Satan, I hope you enjoy the image and poem I did for you :D




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