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15. Beautifully Unorthodox

To Beautifully Unorthodox (Love your name XD),

So since I love your name so much,

(That makes no sense)


I did a bit of research and came up with this...


From what I have seen in the past year I've been on movellas you are an amazing and dedicated movellian. Your covers are exceptionally beautiful as well (they are always in my feed) XD.

Hope that you smile from this load of craziness...


Merry Christmas

And A Happy New Year- though I don't like new year; just got used to writing 2014.

Hope you have a awesome time over this holiday, full of everything you love!


Lots of wishes,


P.S. I know we don't talk a lot on Movellas but I hope we do in the future.





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