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24. Aunt Midnight Rogue

Hi, Aunt Midnight. Rogue. I'm not sure what to call you. We don't talk much, even though we're in the same movellas family. (That's my fault, because I'm not a very active Shadownight. XD)

When I first joined Movellas, you were one of the first movellians I idolised. Your writing is amazing now, and it was back then as well. Even in your comments you seemed (and still seem) so incredibly sophisticated. This is back in the time when I used multiple exclamation marks and even more emojis than I do now, and I pretty much worshiped you and the other older movellians. Sort-of recently, you commented on my coauthored movella, God Forbid, and I fangirled. It's proof that my weird, worshiping-cool-movellians phase never quite wore off. XD

Also, I'm going to mention here that I read your movella Dystopium after it placed in the competition, and I read it again more recently. I absolutely adored how you dealt with the competition's theme, and I felt that even though it's Sci-Fi, parts of it are eye-openingly realistic. You should be really proud of it, and I found certain passages to be of the standard of a published book.


Right, so... I'm going to go now, I guess. I'm not sure if you celebrate Christmas, but Have An Awesome End Of Year, all the same. :)


- Myrah (@Mirlotta)






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