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Evelyn is a lonely 18 year old girl from Sydney, Australia but the night she goes to watch 5 seconds of summer perform, she meets one of the band members who make her completely weak. Will Evelyn only have a short encounter with one of the band members or will stormy weather be in the future for Evelyn and one of 5sos members?


1. one night of love

It was a Saturday night and you haven't been out in ages, your friends call you up and ask if you wanna watch a band called 5 seconds of summer play, so you tag along. After the show you accidentally bump into one of the members of the band, "whoa I'm sorry I didn't see you there" , he looked up at you and he's whole face just lit up "you probably get this alot but you are so beautiful, I'm Luke" , you laugh awkwardly and say "thank you haha my name is Evelyn"

You and Luke start having a conversation and with half an hour he asked you to come to his hotel room, you hesitate but he's cute so you go anyway. In his hotel room things get steamy "I don't wanna force you Into anything so if you're uncomfortable with one night stands we can just talk" Luke says as he hands you a drink, "no, I want to, I'm not usually like this but even though I only met you a little while ago, you're already my weakness" after you said that Luke kisses you and the kissing goes alot further.

The next day luke had already left the hotel room for rehearsals but he left a note that read "Evelyn, I had to leave early but I had fun last night, I made you breakfast and here's my number, text me sometime <3 -Luke ". You go home and you text Luke and for 4 weeks yous haven't been able to see each other but yous text every single day, but you're late on your period, you don't think anything of it but after 2 weeks you still don't have it so you go to the doctors.. The doctor makes you take a blood test to see what could be wrong.

2 days after you got a blood test you get a call from your doctor.. You answer your phone and say hello with a worried tone in your voice, "hello Evelyn, this is your doctor I got your test results back and I wanted to tell you personally that you're pregnant"..

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