Tomorrow never dies

"When you need a friend, don't come to me, or my friends. You bitch.", Luke said.

Zoey Hendersson moves to Sydney. In school she meets her neighbour, Luke and his friends Calum, Ashton and Michael.
Zoey and Luke hate each other at first, but after a while they both need to confess their feelings for the other one.

"I love you."


8. Chapter 8, I love you

Luke's POV

"Tell me what that was, now!", mum shouts.

I just look down on my feet.


"I'm sorry, we...", I start off.

"Don't tell me you're sorry! When you have told me what's happened we're going over to Zoey so you can talk.", she says, clearly angry.

And we tell her everything.

Zoey's POV

When I come home no one is there. I'm alone, so I take a seat on the couch and let the tears fall down in my hands. I cry and let go of a loud sorb.

I'm hurt. Luke won. He hurt me.

I scream and throw a pillow a cross the room. My wrists hurts from where Luke held me.

Then there's a knock on the door.

I look in the mirror and I fix my hair and makeup before I open the door, with a faked smile.

There they are.

Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum.

I close the door again, but Calum puts his foot between and pushes me away from the door so I won't try to close it again.

"What do you want?", I shout, my eyes tearing up. "Are you like, going to rape me now or something? Because I wouldn't get surprised."

Ashton closes the door and I'm stuck.

If I try I will be able to run upstairs and jump to Luke's balcony to get out of his house later. But there's four of them, and they are both larger, stronger and faster than me, all of them.

"We wanted to talk to you.", Michael says. Luke still hasn't done anything since they came here.

"But I don't want to talk to you.", I say.

They all laugh at me a bit, all of them except Luke. What's wrong with him?

"I don't trust you. Why would I? You only want me to get hurt.", I say, the tears now streaming down my cheeks.

I back off from them, but they only come closer. I'm pushed against the wall. I'm stuck.

Luke takes my small hands in his large ones. He looks me deep in the eyes.

"Guy's, I've got this. Go home.", he says.

They all walk out the door.

When I said that I was afraid earlier, that wasn't even half of what I feel now.

Luke's hands are warm, though. They're not sweaty, they're more warming.

He still looks straight into my eyes. His face looks not happy, not angry, it looks more serious.

He then grabs my waist and pushes me into a hug. He places is chin on top of my head.

I don't hug him back, my arms just hangs along my body. But I have my head placed on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

"I'm so sorry.", he whispers.

I feel something wet and cold in my hair, is Luke Hemmings crying? He can't be.

"Luke...", I push him away.

His eyes are all red and his cheeks are wet. He is crying, and so am I.

"I think you should go.", I say.

He nods and turns around, almost shaking. He then walks out of the door.

It's Monday again and another week of school.

I'm in my locker with Daniel and James. I've told them everything about yesterday.

The boys are standing 50 meters away. It feels like they're watching me, but I ignore it.

When we walk to French, we don't say anything. It's all quiet.

I look over and I look straight in Luke's eyes. They are sad and he's not himself today.

But why would I care? I hate him.

At lunch I sit on my own. Daniel went home because he was feeling sick and James is with Jonathan and another guy I don't know the name of.

"Look who's all on her own."

"Where's your angel for brother?"

I guess everything is back to normal again.

"Come on, Zoey. Look at us.", Calum laughs.

I just ignore them.

"I guess we need to do it the hard way.", Michael says.

I turn around to face them, when Calum pours a glass of water on my head.

"Idiot!", I scream.

I get up from my chair and run out from the canteen. I can no longer hold back the tears and I feel so tired that I just end up in the corridor with my back rested against the wall.


No, not him again.


Luke grabs my arms. He looks so sad.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry Zoey."

He hugs me tight and warm.

"I tried to stop them but... I don't know what's wrong with me, whit us. We're not bullies. I'm nice, I'm a nice person.", Luke says.

For the first moment in my life I hug a boy back. A boy that isn't a part of my family. I place my hands on his back and I but my head in the crock of his head.

"I did all this because... I said I hated you because, because... I'm in love with you, Zoey."

I just hug him even tighter.

"I love you to.", I say.

Why did I say that? Did I say it because I love him? Do I love him?

Luke grabs my face in his hands and places his lips on mine.

Our lips move in sync and we press our bodies against each other's.

He pushes me against the wall and kisses me even more passionate.

When we break the kiss for air we both smile. We hug each other again. I feel so safe and warm and I just want more.

Yes, it's true. I love him.

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