Tomorrow never dies

"When you need a friend, don't come to me, or my friends. You bitch.", Luke said.

Zoey Hendersson moves to Sydney. In school she meets her neighbour, Luke and his friends Calum, Ashton and Michael.
Zoey and Luke hate each other at first, but after a while they both need to confess their feelings for the other one.

"I love you."


5. Chapter 5, Outside the window

Zoey's POV

I run through the corridors, crying. I can also hear footsteps behind me.

Please, just don't follow me!

I look around me and decide to walk inside a broom closet.

I stand against a wall and I cry. I cry, cry, cry.

At that moment, I see a person outside the door. A blond figure...


Luke knocks on the door and steps in.


He touches my hand to calm me down. His hand is warm and soft. His thumb is making small patterns on my hand.

I go backwards to avoid his touches.

"Please, leave.", I say.

"No! I won't..."

"Yes you will! Just don't touch me!", I cry.

"But, look! Can we just start over this relation we have between us? Can we just...?", he says.

"Luke, you hurt me. You hurt my feelings! I-I won't- I can't! I can't forgive you right now..."

Luke turns around and opens the door. Before he goes away he says cockily:

"You know what? When you need a friend, don't come to me, or my friends. You bitch..."

That day I didn't go to more classes. Me and Daniel walked home. I didn't want to talk about what happened between me and Luke.

"How was your first day?", he asks me.

"It was fine. And you? I didn't see you that much today.", I answer.

"I had a great time. I'm sorry about that, I mean about not being with each other that much today."

I smile.

"It's okay."

Daniel hugs me tight. He is so soft and warm. A bit like Luke, just that he is my brother.

"I love you.", he smiles into the crook of my neck.

"I love you to.", I smile.

In our yard we have a big tree. It also has a tree house in it.

The tree is next to my balcony. This night I got up in the tree and into the tree house.

It is about 12 pm.

I sit in my PJ:s and look into Luke's bedroom. He's shirtless on his bed with his phone.

I smile, big and burry my face in between my knees.

His balcony door opens and he steps out.


I hide behind a wall and I watch him through a small window. He is just standing there, looking into my room.

Is he waiting for me? I hope so.

Now you probably think. Your thoughts are working hard right now, right?

The truth is, I don't know what I think about Luke. He is just so cold, cocky and mean. But in the same time, he can be so warm, nice and perfect. I just don't know... Maybe I'm...? No. No, I can't be in love with him, right? I mean, I hate him! Or do I?

Now Luke walks into his room again, sighing, with his hands on his head.

His body is so fit...

When I know that he doesn't see me, I walk into my room. Tomorrow it's school again. I don't want to wake up ever again.

But even though, there is something my mum always tells me.

Tomorrow never dies.

But that isn't true... I hope tomorrow really dies.

I walk to my locker with my brother. Michael stands next to me with Ashton.

I'm about to say hi, when I remember what Luke told me yesterday.

"When you need a friend, don't come to me, or my friends."

I won't say hi to them, then. It's straight.

Ashton smiles at me, but I just hide in my locker ignoring him. I feel sorry for him, but I just don't want to talk.

Michael whispers something to Ashton who nods. And they go away. I think I heard what they said.

They won't talk to me, at all. Ever again. An order from Luke.

In English, where I sit between Calum and Luke, I'm about to die. Seriously.

They whisper behind me and throws paper to each other, and sometimes on me.

"Please stop!", I say once I get really mad.

They laugh together, at me.

When the door rings it's lunch. Finally.

I sit with Daniel and his friend Jonathan at lunch.

"I heard you sat with the cool kids at lunch yesterday.", Jonathan said. "Stay away from them."

What? Luke and his friends? Wow...

I nod.

"You did?", Daniel asks me.

"Yeah... But they're nothing for me. I like you guys better.", I smile.

Daniel laughs.

"I can almost read your mind, sis. We're twins! And, I know that you think they're hot."

"Just one of them.", I laugh.

Luke looks over to me and we make eye contact. I smile at him and he makes a gesticulation with his mouth.


Wow, I appreciate it very much.

Are they going to bully me now or something? Because it seems like that. They laugh at me, throws stuff at me and they whispers about me behind my back.

I stand up. Michael does the same.

I walk away from him, but he runs towards me.

"Going anywhere?", he smirks.

"Yes, actually. And you're in the way, so move.", I say.

"Okay.", he says.

He takes my plate with food and turns it above my head. I get spaghetti al over my clothes and in my hair.

The others laugh at me at their table.

Yes, they are definitely going to bully me from now.

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