Tomorrow never dies

"When you need a friend, don't come to me, or my friends. You bitch.", Luke said.

Zoey Hendersson moves to Sydney. In school she meets her neighbour, Luke and his friends Calum, Ashton and Michael.
Zoey and Luke hate each other at first, but after a while they both need to confess their feelings for the other one.

"I love you."


4. Chapter 4, Frenemies

Zoey's POV

Should I jump from the window into a tree in the yard? No, I have to face him.

I decide to go downstairs to speak to him, I mean, I need to.

When I walk to the hallway I see Kevin talking to Luke in the door.

"I can see if she's home."

Then Luke sees my and looks me in the eyes. He looks so sad.

"There she is.", Kevin says and walks past me upstairs. I go down the stairs and Luke opens his mouth when I interrupt him.

"No, don't you dare say anything before you've given me a good explanation, if there is one. You've got one minute."

Luke sighs and looks down to his feet.

"I don't really know why, it just slipped through my mouth. But, my best friends saw us before and they thought that we were a couple. I had to say that I hated you so they wouldn't speak more about it. I'm so sorry, Zoey. It wasn't meant to be like this. I just... I just..."

"That was a shitty explanation, Luke. I can't believe it. I can't believe that I actually saw something in you! I thought you where different, that you weren't like everybody else.", I say, loudly.

"I'm not! I like you, Zoey. More than you'll ever know!", he says.

"No you don't! You're just like a normal teenage boy. The worst type. I hate you.", I say. My eyes waters.

"Wait, what...?"

"See you in school, Lucas."

I've got my black jeans, my Sleeping With Sirens-shirt and a pair of black vans on.

I've straightened my blonde hair and got some eyeliner and mascara on. I want to look nice, but not to much.

I walk into the kitchen, grabbing an apple to eat in the car.

"Remember; stay together. Okay?", my dad tells me and my twin brother Daniel.

We both nod and step out of the car, into the school building. We walk past some girls who finds eyes on Daniel and drags him in the arm.

"Are you new? We can show you around if you want.", they giggle.

And they're gone. Nice.

Even though, I walk to the reception to get my schedule. My first class is English. But I don't know where the classroom is or anything... I start in 5 minutes, and I'm never going to make it in time.

"Are you lost?", a boy with dark hair and big eyes asks me.

"Yeah, kind of...", I answer.

He looks at my schedule and smiles.

"We're in the same class. I'm Calum! I can show you the classroom if you want to.", the boy says.

"Cool. I'm Zoey."

And we head to the class.

When we walk into the classroom I see no one else than... Luke. Perfect! Perfect.

And of course Calum sits down with him. I thought that he could be my friend, for a moment, but I guess no. Not if he's friends with Luke. The Luke. THE LUKE.


"You must be Zoey.", the teacher tells me. I nod. "Class! This is Zoey Hendersson, our new student. Zoey, you can sit over there, next to Mr Hood and Mr Hemmings.

Butthole, butthole, butthole, butthole...

"This is Luke. Luke, this is Zoey.", Calum whispers.

I nod.

"We know each other.", Luke says with a grin.

I give him a glare and look down in my books. I don't want to do this. I don't want to sit next to him. No, no, no.

-After class-

I walk to my locker to grab my books for the science class. They boy who has the locker next to mine is just so harsh... His name is Michael, he's got red hair and an eyebrow piercing.

In science I sit behind Michael and a dude named Josh, and next to a girl, called Emily.

At lunch I sit alone with my phone checking Instagram, when suddenly four shadows stands in front of me.


"Can we sit down?", Calum asks.

"Go ahead.", I say.

"This is Ashton.", Calum points at a curly headed boy. "You already know Michael and Luke.

I just nod.

"How do you two know each other?", Michael questions, he points at me and Luke.

"We're neighbours.", Luke whispers, looking down on his food.

"You're the Zoey...", Calum says.

I look into Luke's eyes. They are blue, and so clear!

The thing is that the three boys sitting with us knows that Luke hates me, and they think that I don't know.

They look at each other, weirdly and a bit stressed, then they look at us.

Luke hates me, Luke hates me, Luke hates me. I am supposed to hate Luke, I have to hate him.

I think, think, think... How should I react?

The tears burns in my eyes.

I still look at Luke, Luke looks at me.

I can't handle it anymore... The tears streams out and I run away from the canteen. Away from Luke.

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