Tomorrow never dies

"When you need a friend, don't come to me, or my friends. You bitch.", Luke said.

Zoey Hendersson moves to Sydney. In school she meets her neighbour, Luke and his friends Calum, Ashton and Michael.
Zoey and Luke hate each other at first, but after a while they both need to confess their feelings for the other one.

"I love you."


10. Chapter 10, New York

Luke's POV

6 weeks later

Zoey and I have the best relationship ever. We meet everyday, we talk, cuddle and we enjoy each other's company. I love her so much it hurts.

But, I have a secret I haven't told her yet. The band is going on tour in a month, for about a half year. We're touring with One Direction, we just couldn't say 'no' to the offer.

It'll be our first tour outside Oceania and we're just really excited.

Zoey kisses my temple and smiles.

"You're the most beautiful person I've met.", I say.

"Yeah, butter up!", she giggles. "But I love you anyways."

I laugh at her comment. She's to hilarious. She puts her head on my chest whiles't I lay down on the bed.

"I need to tell you something.", I sigh, more nervous than ever. "5SOS is going on tour for 6 months."

"What? That's so exciting!", she says, but I can see that she's hiding some sadness. "When are you going?"

"In a month..."

She looks me in the eyes, smiling.

"I'm proud of you.", she says. She can't hold back the tears anymore, I see that when her cheeks are all wet.

I hug her tight. I don't want her to feel lonely.

"I'm so sorry, honey. I don't want to leave you."

"You have to..."

I nod my head. Stupid band, stupid tour, stupid Ashton, stupid Michael, stupid Calum, stupid me. How can I leave her? I just can't.

"Why don't you come with us?", I say.

"You know I can't. I have to go to school. I need an education, I'm not as great as you are. I'm a normal person, Luke! I'm not like you or the boys."

"Stop saying that."

"No, I'm just telling the truth."

I sigh. I want to believe that she's wrong, she's more than special. She stole my heart, she's the first girl who's done that.

"I think you should go.", she finally says. "See you at school."

Zoey's POV

In school I try to not look Luke in the eyes. It's better if we just break up and that we'll never meet again.

Because, I have a secret.

My dad just got a new job. We're moving to New York in two months, for three years, at least.

"How are you feeling?", Daniel questions.

I just shake my head.

"Yeah, me too."

"No!", I shout. "Your boyfriend isn't leaving for tour in 6 months..."

"No, but I am moving to New York for three years, just like you.", he sighs. "Don't be selfish."

Anger is bubbling inside me. But I can't be angry at Daniel, I've never really been. We know each other so well that we just feel bad for each other when we fight.

Therefore, I take his hand.

"I'm sorry.", I whisper.

"It's oka..."


No, no, no...

"Luke...", I say.

He kisses my cheek gentle before grabbing my waist. Daniel walks away for us to get some space.

"I'm sorry, baby.", Luke starts off.

"I'm not angry or sad because of you. I-I...", I say.

"Why are you like this then, Zoey?", he looks worried when he says it.

"I'm moving to New York soon..."

Luke's mouth forms an O. He just shakes his head.

"No... But-but you've only lived here for like a month.", he protests. "When are you moving?"

"I know, but dad got a job there, we're moving on two months. For three years."

Luke still shakes his head. He hugs me to cry into my shoulder.

"But this means that we only have to spend even more time together.", he sniffs.

I nod.

"Let's go. We need to go to class."

The day goes slow. When the other boys gets to know the news they shatter.

"Will we meet again?"

"I don't know..."

"You can come to our show in New York, right?"


"I'm going to miss you."

"Me too."

"Please stay."

"I can't."

"Follow us on tour."

"I can't do that either."

That was probably what we talked about all day. They're just so sad. I probably won't meet them again, and I won't go to their show. I didn't want to tell them that. If I will it will just hurt even more.

"Bye.", Calum says.

"See you tomorrow.", we all say at once.

Me, Daniel and Luke walks home together. It's all quiet.

Before we go separate ways I hug him, Luke.

"I love you, promise that you always will remember that.", I whisper in his ear.

"I always will.", he responds.

|I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while, but here's a new chapter:) Happy 2015, guys<3|

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