Genevieve's life turns inside out when she has to take care of her sisters child with a stranger.


1. Sadness

i  sat on the taxi and my heart was racing like it was going to brush out of my chest at any second. my sister was at hospital. she had gotten in car crash, in really bad one. i payed the taxi and run in the hospital. "my sister has been in car crash her name is Cecilia Brooke." i said. "room 80." said lady from the desk. i run to the hall searching a room. i saw guy sitting on seat next to the door and he was holding his hands on his face. and sobbing little. the door was locked but i could see at the window that my sister lied on the bed. she didn't look good. same room was her husband Derek who looked even worse and doctors were all over them. i gulped as i stood in front of the window. looking my only sister lying there. suddenly i heard horrible beeping. and saw doctors rushing in to room from the halls. "what! what is happening!" i cried as the doctors entered in to her room. the guy next to me stood up and stood next to me looking in the room with horror. he looked bit like Derek. maybe he was his brother? then i saw the doctors trying to revive my sister for a moment. then they stopped and one of them shook their head and gulping and looking to other doctor with sadness and then his eyes met mine and i felt my legs give in as the guy next to me catch me for falling on the floor. "she couldn't make it. i'm sorry." the doctor said as he walked to us. "what? is she dead." i cried. "i'm sorry." the doctor said. i felt the huge pain in my chest getting worse. i was still in to this guys arms but i really couldn't think about anything else i was so choked. "what about my brother? would he be fine?" the guy asked. "he got some really bad damage it seems like he won't live long..." the doctor said. everything turned into big nightmare. "this day just is just getting there any goods news, what about Gwen?" the guy who's name i still didn't know asked. then i remembered my sisters  five months old daughter Gwen. "omg Gwen! is she okay." i asked. the doctor looked us and said. "well gladly i can say she's fine." i and the guy who was holding me up breath from the relief. "where is she?" i asked. "oh, she is sleeping in other i correct you are sister of Cecilia Brooke and you are brother of Derek  Brooke?" the doctor said. we both nod. "well if you can sing few papers you can take Gwen. i assume you  two will adopt her?" the doctor said. "uumm. sure." Derek brother said and i nod. "i will be right back." doctor said. "i think i can stand know, thanks." i said. "i'm Genevieve." i said "Seth" he said. and we didn't get to talk about more when my mom and dad and Derek's parent run in to room. "omg!my baby!" my mom said breaking down. i felt like crying. i sat next to Seth who was holding my hand and i tried to breath as my mom totally broke down and my dad was crying and holding mom and Derek's parents did the same. the hole room was crying. "i'm glad that they didn't take Gwen from us." Mum said crying. "what we will do with Gwen?" dad asked. "Genevieve and Seth would be great parents to her, we won't like to give her to strangers." Seth's mum said. "they will live at same house and raise Gwen." My mom said. i loved Gwen from all of my heart but i wasn't sure if i was ready to start family with stranger but right now it didn't matter, i had to be ready. "Genevieve Willis and Seth Brooke." the doctor from earlier said as he stepped in to room. we stood up. "sing these papers." he said giving us adoption papers. after that i followed him with Seth to room where Gwen was sleeping peacefully not knowing that her parents just had died. i felt so bad for her."wake up princes." Seth said softly touching her cheek and she opened her eyes and smiled to Seth. it hurt so bad to think your sister would be gone forever but when little Gwen smiled and giggled innocently it maybe went the pain go away little. i carried Gwen back to the room where my mother and others were. mum and dad kissed little Gwen as she smiled and Seth's parent's did the same.  "go home with Seth. and pick some stuff to Gwen and we will deal with this all at the morning. you need sleep. darling." mum said hugging me. "okay."i said. Seth carried Gwen as we exited the hospital. "so to your place or mine?" Seth asked giving Gwen to me as he opened his car. "you chose." i said. "okay." he said and opened the door for me."we can stop at market so we can by some food and baby things to Gwen." Seth said while Gwen sat on my lap.'cause she didn't even had her own seat yet. "okay." i said giving him small smile. he nod and we drove to market. i was tired but we had to buy things to her. i carried Gwen as Seth picked some food and i looked for diapers. we bought few pair of pants and shirts and jumpsuits to her and other baby stuff. it was kinda cute how serious Seth picked things to him and i was glad that he actually cared about this. i would have got stuck by some idiot too. he wanted to buy Gwen's things. "we are here." Seth said. i really didn't except Seth to live at luxury pent house what i didn't even dare the dream of. "this is my place." he said as he opened the door. Gwen was asleep at my arms. "woah.this is cool." i said looking around. and he gave me small smile. Gwen started to cry. "maybe she is hungry?" Seth said looking the crying child on my arms. he feed Gwen as i made bed for her. "you can have my bed, sleep with her." Seth said as i put Gwen sleep. she was full and tired she fell as sleep at the same second as i lied her down. i closed the door quietly and walked to kitchen where Seth was making food. "it's going to be okay." Seth said looking me with small smile. tears run down my cheeks. how would i ever get over the pain? i loved my sister so much. Seth hugged me as i cried. "thanks. thanks for everything." i said to him. "it's okay." he said. "really, thanks. i'm unlucky this happened but lucky that you are here, even that i don't know you well." i said. "as same." he said. "so how will we raise her?" i asked. "i don't know.. but we will find the way. but the thing is that i don't want her to spend her childhood at living two homes. i wan't to be dad to her and it would be dream if you could live with me? if you get what i mean." he said. i nod. "i understand, i don't want her to live at two homes. i agree." i said. "i will buy bigger home to us." he said. "you don't have to pay it all by your self." i said. "i really don't mind." he said. "but i want to 'cause i don't want to give the picture that i'm not doing anything." i said. "you will be her mum its enough." he said softly. i smiled little. he seemed really sweet person. "so... how will your boyfriend take this?" he asked. "ummm. well. i don't have one so its not problem." i said. he smiled little and said. "well i don't have girlfriend either so this will be bit easier." he said. " i have some fresh clothes there.i though it would be nicer to sleep." he said. pointing t-shirt and boxers. "thanks." i smiled taking the clothes. "thanks for everything." i said and hugged him. "you really have to stop thanking me all the time." he smiled. "goodnight." i said to him and he said same and quietly got under the covers as Gwen slept peace fully. it could have been chaos if i would have to live at my small flat with Gwen i'm glad i Seth wanted to buy bigger house to us. but i was still bit worried how things would turn out.


i woke up from Gwen's crying. it was 3 am and she cried for no stop. i took her to my arms but she didn't seem to stop. she just kept crying. i took her to kitchen but she wasn't hungry. "is everything okay?" sleepy Seth asked as he entered into room only wearing sweat pants and no shirt. damn. "i don't know what is wrong. she isn't hungry and her diaper is dry. "come here little one." Seth said as i gave her to him. she still kept crying. "i feel useless,i don't know what she wants." i said worried. "maybe she just misses her parents. lets put her back to sleep.i lied down and Seth  put her next to me when she had finally stopped crying. then she started to cry again when Seth left her. "okay then." Seth said rolling his eyes and sat next to her. she kept holding her small hand wrapped around Seth's finger as she smiled to me."i will take the sofa." i said. when i got up from the bed she started to cry again. i got back and she stopped. "you little." i smiled kissing her cheek as she giggled. "well seems like you will sleep here too." i said to Seth who nod with smile as he kept looking Gwen with smile. so i slept at the bed with Seth and little Gwen between us. finally she fell asleep again."goodnight." Seth said as i fell asleep too.


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