Barely Alive


2. Without a clue

The young boy who was killed - how is still unknown - is an average guy, maybe about 1,86, with dark hair and blue eyes. Dead eyes though. The dead eyes haunts Cross, who does what he can to wrap the case up. He was just a kid. It's impossible to tell who he is at the moment. It doesn't seem like anyone is missing him, which makes it worse and they still haven't got a clue, that could tell what happened.


They waited for a while. Maybe someone would report him missing, and they could finally see who the guy is, lying in their lab. But nothing has come yet. It's a little scary. Dr. Lancaster is examining him and working as hard as he can. It's just a matter of time, before they discover the weapon used to kill him.


Mr. Cross is in his office. He is pacing the floor of his office, thinking. What could've done this to a guy like that? Make him disappear. His phone rings just as he finishes the thought, and he picks it up without hesitation. "DCI Cross. What is it?" His tone is serious. Everyone's serious these days. They all want to find out who did this. Dr. Lancaster's voice comes out of the phone: "Cross, you might wanna get down here. We've found something. Not much, but something. I might have an ID." Mr. Cross nods and answers. "Great. I'll be down in a sec." After that he ends the conversation and rushes to the lab.


Steps through the door. It's a big lab. Scientists everywhere. Walks up to Lancaster, who's standing beside the body on the autopsy-table. The boy's clothes are lying on the counter and his body is covered with a white sheet. "What did you find?" The Doc hesitates and looks at the screen. "It was very difficult to track." Points at the screen, but continues, because Cross looks confused. "It was a poison. Quite common in fact. We didn't notice it at first, because it was hidden so well, and it had almost all gone." Mr. Cross steps closer to the screen, watching interested. "This poison is what killed him?" The Dr. nods, then shakes his head. "It's complicated. The dose was big enough to kill him, but it's still uncertain." Cross seems to be chewing on this information. Thinking it through. "You said you might have an ID?" Lancaster nods once again. "Yes." He walks over to the screen and pushes a button. A picture of a boy, that looks just like the guy on the table, pops up. "You're not gonna like it." He hesitates again. "This is Chris Grey. He was 18 years old. He was studying." Cross lifts his eyebrows. "And the bad part?" Lancaster looks at the picture for a moment. "He isn't missing by anyone. Most things about him is completely gone. There's nothing that tells what could've gotten him killed." Cross makes an annoyed sound. "I told you, you wouldn't like it." Cross starts pacing the floor then stops. "I'll go check the crime-scene again. Maybe there's some more clues there. Something we missed. And I can show the picture in town. Maybe someone recognizes him." The doctor nods. "But remember: we might have the wrong guy."

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