Barely Alive


1. The Crime scene

The Detective Chief-Inspecter walks across the parking lot to his car. His name is Aidan Declan Cross. Aidan is a tall and pretty fit man to be honest. He just got a phone-call telling him that he's got a case, so he rushes to the scene of the crime.


The victim is a young boy. He's lying up against a wall. He looks sort of peaceful and has no visible bruises. You could've mistaken him for being asleep. The Crime technicians are already there, taking pictures and so on. Mr. Cross walks up to one of them. One of his good friends, Dr. Cole Lancaster. He's sitting next to the body.


"Enlighten me, Cole," Cross says with his deep voice. Dr. Lancaster looks at him with his golden eyes. He is sort of average built, with ruffled dark hair. He looks at Cross for a moment, then looks down at the body. "There doesn't seem to be any visible bruises, which is odd. I can't tell you, what killed him before I get him to the lab."

Mr. Cross looks at the body of the young boy. "That complicates things. Dr. Lancaster makes a weird gesture and examines the boy. "I'd say he's about 18 years old. I can't tell who he is yet." Mr. Cross looks around, to see some of the technicians searching in containers, corners, on the street, basically anywhere close to the body. "How long has he been dead for?" Dr. Lancaster takes a moment to study the body and the surrounding place. "I'd say he's been gone since sometime yesterday. We'll double-check, but I'm quite confident."

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