Barely Alive


3. Searching for answers

So this is what they've got so far: The boy, Chris Grey, was maybe or maybe not killed by some sort of poison. He's 18 years old and currently studying to become a doctor. That's about it. They've got ID and poison. The problem is, that there is nothing about this boy. Nothing that tells what kind of guy he was, or why he got into trouble.


DCI Cross is right now, driving on the road, searching for answers. The worst thing about this is, that New York is a big city. Normally it's a good idea to start where the body was found. Ask the people in the neighborhood, and hope someone knows who he is. He haven't had any luck so far. He texts Cole once in a while, to see if he's made progress, but still nothing. Cole said, that he'd let him know, but the thing is, that Cross' patience is being put to the test. The answers are here somewhere. Somewhere right in front of him, and he can't see them. Parks the car and gets out. The yellow tape still marks the spot, saying 'Police line: Do not cross'. He lifts the tape a bit, and walks under. Starts walking a bit around. There, where the drawing on the ground and on the wall is, is where the body was found. Fishes a cigarette up from his pocket, and starts smoking.


He is just sort of standing in his own thoughts, when he hears something. He turns his head towards the entrance, and lifts his eyebrows, when he sees a young guy with a hood. The guy immediately let's go of the tape, and runs away. Cross drops the cigarette on the ground, and chases the boy. This guy is fast. Cross chases him down the street. Could he know something? What was this guy doing here? And was he hallucinating or didn't he look almost exactly like the murder victim? It can't be. Did Dr. Lancaster make a mistake? Did he find the wrong guy?


"Stop! Are you listening? I said STOP!!" Yells it at the young boy. He chases him for a bit, before the boy decides to stop, with his hands over his head, as Cross has a gun pointed at him. "Thank you." Cross walks up to the boy slowly, and turns him around, which the boy does. "Who are you?" He starts thinking, that maybe he should get some more sleep, cuz' the boy's answer shocks him. The boy takes off his hood and looks at him, saying: "My name is Chris. Chris Grey."

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