Barely Alive


4. Double the trouble

"What? Don't screw around with me, kid. Who are you!?" He does not seem very pleased. This isn't funny at all. It's a murderinvestigation, and he doesn't have time for jokes. Besides: if this really is the true Chris, then who is lying in their lab. The boy just raises his arms a bit more, because he is afraid that Cross is gonna shoot his head off. "No! It's true! I swear!" Takes a small step back. Slowly lowers his arms, and looks seriously at DCI Cross. "Let me explain: My name is Chris Grey and... I think you've found my brother."


Cross lowers his gun, and puts it back into his pocket. This changes things completely. It explains why they had a hard time getting an ID. But they're still back to Square 1. Now they have to start from scratch. "He is your brother?" The boy nods. "My twin-brother, yes. He has been missing for a while." Cross puts his hands on his waist, and doesn't really know what to think. The guy does seem to be telling the truth though. "That doesn't explain what you were doing at a crime-scene." He crosses his arms. That place was marked with yellow tape, saying 'Police line: KEEP OUT', not 'COME ON IN'. Chris seems slightly nervous. "Well, I heard that you had found a dead body, soo... I wanted to see for myself, since you weren't really making any progress. I just thought that maybe I'd find something, that you couldn't."

He thinks about it for a bit. He doesn't really know if it's a compliment or an insult. It sounds more like the latter. "Okay then. Come with me." Grabs Chris' arm, and pulls him back to the scene of the crime.


"You have my permission to look around, just don't touch anything." Chris looks surprised, then walks under the tape, and starts walking around. He looks concentrated. "Someone must have been with him. I mean, obviously. There are no marks indicating a struggle, but it looks like he has been placed here." Cross walks under the tape, towards Chris. "Continue.." Chris looks at him, then around him. "He must've known the killer." Cross looks sort of impressed. "Impressive. Maybe you should think about joing the FBI, we could use more people like you in the bureau."

"Trust me, I've tried. Besides, I'm inexperienced." Chris says and sighs. "But why did you think you could find something, that we couldn't?" Chris looks at him, like it's completely obvious. "Well, because he's my brother, of course. I know him better than most people. He's also not the type to give up, without a fight." Cross nods and listens very carefully. "But who is he then?"

Chris seems to have a hard time, admitting his brother is gone. "His name is Jason. He just went off the grid, after our fight.. I told him to pursue his dreams, maybe that's what he did." Cross looks confused, then takes him with him out of there. He has to take him to the station, which he thinks the boy understands. "What do you mean? How does that make sense?" Gets him into his car, and sits behind the wheel himself. "He wanted to become a Navy SEAL."

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